Apply for a summer course!


Three summer courses in circus, dance or opera are available to apply until 15 March.

Juggling and Movement – interesting for you who are already an experienced juggler and want to broaden your knowledge of movement in relation to juggling. The course will be held in Bochum in Germany, for five weeks under the guidance of Benjamin Richter, performer and director from Berlin.

Studio Practice and Artistic Process – for you who are active performing or dance artists and are looking for a focused period of time to further develop your artistic practice with the help of guidance and feedback. Tove Salmgren is the course leader and Ellen Söderhult is the supervisor.

The opera singer meets the Baroque – a three-week summer course that ends with a presentation at Drottningholms Slottsteater. With a focus on English repertoire, we will work from several musical, stylistic and music-dramatic perspectives. Teachers are Christine Morgan and Patrik Sörling.

The language of instruction in all courses is English.

Deadline for applications: 15 March.

Information about all three courses here.