A group of students stand in a circle with their arms around each other

SKH in new collaboration between three Nordic film schools


An ambitious new collaboration between film schools in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, called Nord - New Nordic Voices, will promote the development of strong Nordic storytellers. The first phase of the collaboration is a three-year development project that the A.P. Møller Foundation has supported with €1.5 million.

In a three-year collaboration supported by the A.P. Møller Foundation, film schools in Norway, Sweden and Denmark focus on the Nordic region, society and the stories of the future. During the period 2022-24, students from the schools will meet for workshops in the three countries to collaborate and develop new Nordic voices in film and television.

The three film schools participating in the project are Den Danske Filmskole, The Norwegian Film School and the Department of Film and Media at SKH. The project is initiated by Den Danske Filmskole.

The program

  • NORD I: Workshop and Nordic Think Tank I: Copenhagen, autumn 2022
  • NORD II: Workshop och Nordic Think Tank II: Lillehammer, spring 2023
  • NORD III: Workshop och Nordic Think Tank III: Stockholm, autumn 2023
  • NORD IIII: Concept development: spring 2024.
  • NORD IIIII: late summer 2024

Photo: Gila Bergqvist Ulfung