Immense interest when Alliances & Commonalities held digital conference


Following the success of 2018, where we gathered 200 artistic researchers from all over the world, the conference Alliance & Commonalities was held again at SKH 22-24 October 2020. This year on a digital platform and with almost double the number of participants.

-During the current circumstances, with the global Covid-19 pandemic, we had to re-think the format to a digital conference. Despite many challenges a tight hardworking team has adapted the conference beyond our expectations” says Cecilia Roos, Professor of Artistic Practices, Vice-Rector for Research.

We met live on the web
To be able to hold a digital conference, a conference website has been set up. On the website, the participants met, both via zoom and via live streaming from the TV studio on Valhallavägen 189. Out of 183 submitted proposals, we have selected 34 artistic researchers from around the world, of which nine from SKH, who did present, discuss and share their research. The program contained 55 parallel acts that the participants could choose from and all acts had participants.

1100x720_welcome to A&C-Cilla etc.jpg
Welcome speech, live from the TV studio with
John-Paul Zaccarini, Cecilia Roos, Ellen J Røed, Rebecca Hilton

-That we held the conference partly live in the TV studio on Valhallavägen 189 is great fun, but with Covid-19, we only had 20 participants present at a time and we follow all the guidelines that SKH has developed. An advantage of the digital format is that it has given us the opportunity to receive more participants, which is positive, says Cecilia Roos.

The digital worked well
The digital worked excellently and the live broadcast became significant because it opened up a different kind of "room" for those who participated via zoom. It gave a live feeling but in a different way. Of course, nothing can measure up to a physical presence, the art forms we research in are in most cases based on the fact that we all participate physically in the same room, says Cecilia Roos.

Alliances and Commonalities conference website, with live stream 

400 participants from all over the world
This is SKH's second conference in the series Alliances and Commonalities. In 2018, the conference had 28 presentations and around 200 people registered. This year, Alliances and Commonalities has 34 presentations and almost 400 people have participated and all parts of the world are represented again.

-We have really reached out in a way we could never imagine. Via the conference Alliances and Commonalities, we are expanding our network of contacts and new ideas for research methods. We are already looking forward to conference 2022, concludes Cecilia Roos.

Alliances and Commonalities 2020​​​​​​​