Congratulations on successfully completing your PhD, Doctor Vanja Hamidi Isacson!


Vanja Hamidi Isacson successfully defended her artistic research project "The potential of multilingualism in dramatic works" on 9 December 2022, within the PhD programme Performative and Media-Based Practices.

The documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis) can be found on the DIVA and Research Catalogue.

Link to "The potential of multilingualism in dramatic works" in DiVA 
Link to "The potential of multilingualism in dramatic works" on Research Catalouge 

The public defence took place on 9 December 2022 at 13:00 at Stockholm University of the Arts, Valhallavägen 189, Stockholm. The public defence was on SKH’s website.

Mara Lee Gerdén

Examination committee     
America Vera-Zavala
Jon Refsdal Moe
Tale Næss
Wilhelm Carlsson (reserv)

Kent Olofsson
Johanna Garpe
Carla Jonsson

Chair of defence: Cecilia Roos, Vice-Rector for Research at SKH

Vanja Hamidi Isacson is the sixteenth PhD candidate who has successfully defended a PhD in artistic research within SKH.

Photo from the Public defence: Amerika Vera-Zavala, Tale Næss, Vanja Hamidi Isacson, Mara Lee Gerdén, Wilhelm Carlsson. Photographer: Heidi Paatere Möller