Alliances and Commonalities 2024 conference programme release!

SKH is delighted to announce that the programme for our international conference in artistic research, Alliances and Commonalities 2024, has now been released.
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The conference will be held at SKH, Valhallavägen 189 and 193, on 17–19 October 2024. 

– Alliances and Commonalities is SKH’s international research conference and it takes place every two years. This year is the fourth time we have organised it and there is great interest from the outside world. The purpose of the conference is to create a meeting place for artistic researchers from all over the world, but also for those who are interested in learning and knowing more about artistic research, says Cecilia Roos, Professor of Artistic Practices and and producer of the conference.

Alliances and Commonalities 2024 will take place on-site at SKH. We have invited artists and artistic researchers to share embodied, sensory, experiential, poetic and experimental ways in which friction and coexistence permeate their artistic practice and research. Among other things, the 2024 conference will include explorations of frictional kinship, interspecies relations and more-than-human worlds, somatic practices, augmented realities, dialogic thinking and walking, resistance and refusal, conditions of mutability, and many other approaches to artistic research. 

– We want the conference to provide an open space for encounters and exchanges of ideas, visions and insights and we aim for the participants of the conference to engage with different kinds of practices in the format of workshops, performances, installations and walks. We are all given the opportunity to develop our networks, which can result in national and international collaborations that would otherwise not have been possible, says Cecilia Roos. 

We warmly invite you to explore the artistic research projects we’ve assembled for Alliances and Commonalities 2024 and very much look forward to meeting you somewhere within our exciting program. 

Read more, see the programme, and register on the Alliances and Commonalities conference website: 
Alliances and Commonalities conference web

Read about Alliances and Commonalities on SKH’s web: 
Alliances and Commonalities

Presenters at Alliances and Commonalities 2024:

•    Amaara Raheem
•    Anya Yermakova
•    Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete
•    Carlota Mir
•    Cecilia Lagerström, Antonia Aitken, Ami Skånberg, Ellen Nyman, Michael Norlind, Nasim Aghili, Sofia Mussolin, Walmeri Ribeiro
•    Charlotta Ruth, Daniele Pozzi
•    Charlotte Østergaard, Marie Ledendal
•    Dinu Bodiciu
•    Ela Przybyło
•    Elena Zanzu
•    Eliza Goldox, Areej Huniti
•    Elizabeth McTernan
•    Elsa Gomis, Bamba Diagne
•    Ester M. Bergsmark
•    Estrellx Supernova
•    Eylem Ertürk, Ayşem Mert 
•    Fernanda Branco
•    Freddy Houndekindo, Marcus Doverud
•    Hadi Bastani, Walter Stabb
•    Ilse van Rijn
•    Jacek Smolicki
•    Julie Marsh
•    Karin Hellqvist
•    Karin Reisinger, Lisa Hinterreithner
•    Katja Aglert
•    Luca Cacini, Başak Tüsüz
•    Maipelo Gabang
•    Marcia Nemer
•    Marie Fahlin, Camilla Larsson
•    Marie-Andrée Robitaille
•    Marika Hedemyr
•    Matilda Rolfsson, Anna Westberg
•    Miro Sazdic, Anette Göthlund, Meike Schalk, Magnus Liljedahl, Lauro Höring, Elizabeth Calderón Lüning, Rima Nehme
•    Nadja Reifer
•    Nina Mangalanayagam, Louise Wolthers
•    Paola Torres Núñez del Prado
•    Rhiannon Newton
•    Sarah Tutt
•    Shauheen Daneshfar
•    Steinunn Knúts-Önnudóttir
•    Waldane Walker

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