Research Week 2023

Research Week 2023

Welcome to Stockholm University of the Arts Research Week 17–20 January 2023, which this year will be held both on-site and live-streamed via our website. Under each day below is a link to detailed information. Via that link you will find our live broadcast of the Research Week and a chat, where you can ask questions. There is also an overview of the day, a schedule and more information about everyone presenting that day.

During the week, artistic research and development projects are presented by PhD candidates and senior researchers at SKH.

The purpose of the Research Week is to share, experience and exchange the many different approaches to, and perspectives on, the artistic research happening at SKH. Research Week is open to the public, and we encourage the entire student and staff body to attend as many events as possible across the four days. We see Research Week as a way for our SKH community, and our expanded communities, to experience, participate in and contribute to, our burgeoning research culture.


Tuesday 17 January – Studio 16, Brinellvägen 58

Detailed information and live-streamed presentations 17 January

09:00 Welcome by Vice-Rector for Research Cecilia Roos 

09:10 Alisan Funk, Understanding creativity apprenticeship through graduate experiences of DOCH’s circus BA

10:35 Johanna Garpe, Camilla Damkjaer, “Drama, yes please, but keep it on stage”– Presence and sustainability in the performing arts

11:35 Katarina Lundmark, Ninnie Andersson, Tacit dimensions in jazz dance education

12:25  Lunch break 

13:25 Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt, The micro-movement in my grandmother’s chest – the tiny gestures of oppression

14:25 Ninnie Andersson, Pernilla Ahlstrand, On BOUNCE! Practice-based feedback – A study of Theatre, Teaching and Dance Situations

15:50 Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Alisan Funk, Map to the Future of Circus – Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries

Wednesday 18 January – Hugoteatern, Teknikringen 35

Detailed information and live-streamed presentations 18 January

09:00  Welcome –  Kent Olofsson, Professor of Performing Arts for the Profile Area Concept and Composition

09:10 Andreas Hiroui Larsson, Anna Lindal, Johan Jutterström, Lethe – forgetfulness

10:35 Marcia Nemer Jentzsch, walks in an absent city 

11:15 Jaroslaw Jan Kaliski m fl, What is perceived as a singing tone?

12:05 Lunch break 

13:00 Charlie Åström m fl, Performing arts production with reduced climate impact

14:00 CANCELLED: Ylva Hofvander Trulsson, ARTs, agency and social mobility: Intergenerational transmission of Sami culture in family, educational and community settings

15:00 Maria Hedman Hvitfeldt, Mamdooh Afdile, Alexander Skantze, Exploring theme-driven storytelling

Thursday 19 January – Bion, Valhallavägen 189

Detailed information and live-streamed presentations 19 January

Where: Bion, Valhallavägen 189

09:00 Welcome – Johan-Paul Zaccarini, Professor of Performing Arts for Bodily and Vocal Practices

09:10 Linda Janson, Mirko Lempert, Marc Johnson, Artists & machine intelligence - An archaeology of autoregressive language models that uses deep learning to produce texts and images

10:35 Karin Rudfeldt, About the art of managing one's unconscious knowledge

11:35 Åsa Johannisson, Perspectives on interdisciplinary processes

12:05  Lunch break  

13:00 Ulrika Malmgren, Tinna Joné The digital Square

14:00 Jenny Sunesson, FACT stage one

15:25 Josephine Rydberg, Nadja LipsycAncient Hours – Ancient Hours -a VR-larp for 2 people

16:25 VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research (Cecilia Roos, Heidi Paatere Möller), Peer-review process, open call and new issues

Friday 20 January – TV-studion, Valhallavägen 189 and Bio Viktor, Filmhuset

Detailed information and live-streamed presentations 20 January

Where: TV-studion, Valhallavägen 189

09:00  Welcome – Sheryl Doruff, Professor of Film and Media

09:10 Ellen Røed, Open research and artistic research

09:50 Ellen Nyman, Kent Olofsson, Adoption as Acting, Acting as Adoption

11:15 Kent Olofsson, Max Edkvist, Omnidirectional Loudspeakers in Performance

11:55 Kent Olofsson, Magnus Bunnskog, The Augmented Hörspiel – Composed Theatre: a new research project

12:45 Lunch break 

Where: Bio Viktor, Filmhuset

14:00 Karl Sandzen, Artistic exploration of stereoscopic film

Where: TV-studion, Valhallavägen 189

15:00 Hanna Husberg, Agata Marzecova, Towards Atmospheric Care: from situating air to cultivating collective engagement

16:00 Mamdooh Afdile, Anders Bohman, Thomas Brennan, Shared space and shared concept - reflection on the cluster research Abstract Narration

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