Welcome to our Film Master's students' exhibitions and film screenings in 2023!

Our Master's programmes in Film and Media and Film Music Composition are coming to a climax as our ambitious students present their film projects. These works are the result of two years of intensive work where each student has explored cinema as a dynamic and changing field. Through innovative techniques and personal expression, they have challenged and redefined what film can be.

Over three days, you will be able to take part in nineteen half-hour expositions that focus on the creative possibilities of photography, editing, directing, producing, scriptwriting, sound design, film music and production design.

We warmly welcome you to take part in this unique opportunity to explore the art of cinema and meet the filmmakers of tomorrow.

Welcome to our TV studio at SKH.
(The talks will also be streamed - link on our Swedish website).

Note that everything will be in Swedish. The schedule and detailed information can be found here on our Swedish website.

Master in Film and Media has the following specialisations: Directing Documentary, Directing Fiction, Cinematography, Film Editing, Film Sound Design, Production for Film, TV and New Media, Production Design, Scriptwriting for Film an Television + Master in Film Music Composition

See the graduating students here!