Welcome to film screenings, exhibitions and presentations by and with our graduating students in the Master's Programme in Film and Media.

We are delighted to invite you to the exposition and first screenings of short films, productions and captivating work-in-progress by 18 of our gifted and brave students from the Master's Programme in Film and Media with specialisations  Animation, The Art of Impact and Documentary Processes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet them and take part of their degree projects, 31 May-2 June at Valhallavägen 189 and in Filmhuset. Free admission – just show up!


Tuesday 31 May at 09.00-19.30
09.00 Animation TV-studio, Aurora Hegerland -
09.50 Documentary TV-studio, Tanja Holm -
10.40 Documentary TV-studio, Amanda Saveland -
11.30 Documentary TV-studio, Siri Pårup -
12.30-19.00 EXPOSITION in TV-studio OPEN
14.00 Documentary Outside TV-studio, Emilie Löfgren -
14.50 Documentary Outside TV-studio, Mona Abbasnejad -
15.50 Documentary Fotostudion, Emilie Victoria Birket-Smith -
17.00-19.30 PROGRAM A IN CINEMA Animation at 17.00 and The Art of Impact at 18.00
Wednesday 1 June at 09.00-17.00
09.00 Animation TV-studio, Louisa Wallström -
09.50 Animation TV-studio, Martin Ulvelykke -
10.40 Documentary TV-studio, Matthew D'Arcy -
11.30 Documentary TV-studio, Nayef Ghoul -
12.30-17.00 EXPOSITION in TV-studio OPEN
14.00 The Art of Impact, connecting room Tv-studio Maren Eline Markussen -
14.50 The Art of Impact, connecting room TV-studio Annamarie Čermáková -
16.00 The Art of Impact, Black/White room at Filmhuset, Shauheen Daneshfar -
12.30-17.00 PROGRAM B IN CINEMA Mixed program and
Animation program at 15.00
Thursday 2 June at 09.00-23.00
09.00 Animation TV-studio, Käthrine Yan -
09.50 Animation TV-studio, Alexander Westergårdh -
10.40 The Art of Impact TV-studio, Jamil Walli -
11.30 The Art of Impact TV-studio, Otto Båth -
12.30-17.30 PROGRAM D IN CINEMA The Art of Impact program at 12.30 and Documentary Processes program at 13.30
18.00-20.20 PROGRAM E IN CINEMA part 1 Documentary Processes program, students present
20.20-20.30 paus
20.30-23.00 PROGRAM E IN CINEMA part 2 Documentary Processes program, students present



Martin Ulvelykke

Svartlien Project Trailer (2.30 min)
Svartlien is set in a dark, twisted mirror version of the fictive area Granndala in the northern Swedish countryside. Erland, our protagonist is spirited away to Svartlien's domain where his mind, body and beliefs are tested against Svartlien's dangers.

Exposition: In my exposition i explore the methods and processes i used during the production of my trailer for project Svartlien. I also discuss my work with blending Japanese anime styles with Swedish visual culture and magical realism on the homefront.

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Bild_Käthrines projekt.png

Käthrine Yan

Quarks - animated short film (6.50 min)
The birth and metamorphosis of a group of tadpoles take a dark turn when the shape of a deceased frog appears in the tadpoles’ own reflections. In this experimental-narrative animated short, identity formation and self-awareness in relation to herd mentality are set against the indifferent state of nature and passing of time.

Exposition: CHAOS and ORDER – 13 ways to finish what you start
CHAOS and ORDER explores whether the manifestation of artistic process through conventional writing/verbal methods (with a strong emphasis on documentation and collaboration) actually lends itself to a specific individualistic artistic (imagery and sound) outcome in a practical and time-sensitive way.

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connection_between083_Auroras projekt.png

Aurora Hegerland

Connection Between - animated film (6.03 min)
The film takes place far in the future, it follows two connected narratives, one digital world and the real world. Sentient beings living deep inside the digital world travel far to seek help from the real world.

Exposition: The exposition explores the creative solutions game development and interactivity offers in the process of creating an animated film. Connection Between is a 3D animated film made using two different game engines, Unity and Unreal engine 4.

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Alexander Westergårdh

The Boy (15 min)
A 3D animated film about taking the step into the unknown, getting lost, falling and getting up. A story about 10-year-old Louie's unexpected journey to the source of his own self, where he is forced to face his fears head on. A project that explores the possibilities and difficulties with a small budget versus the dream of a high production value, and what that means. 

Exposition: I want to investigate new techniques and tools that have become available to Indie 3D-animation filmmakers to find "creative shortcuts" for making a low budget project compete with big budget films.

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Louisa Wallström

Duke Bluebeards Castle - An Animated Opera (6 min)
A stopmotion production of the opera "Duke Bluebeards Castle" by Bela Bartok. 3-4 minutes out of the one hour the original opera takes to perform.

Exposition: In my exposition I compare the differences between stop motion, an old technique but new to me and my earlier experiences with animation.

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The Art of Impact


Maren Eline Markussen

TIPS (6 min)
The newly hired bartender, Sarah, builds up the courage to flirt with a group of guys celebrating their friend’s birthday, in an attempt to get good tips. This act is misinterpreted by the guys who drunkenly decide to follow her home after work in pursuit of her phone number, which forces Sarah to once again find her courage and take action.

What I Wanted to Say (12 min)
When insecure Lisa loses hope in her boyfriend Oliver and his alcohol problem, she is faced with the ultimate decision: to marry a man who loves beer more than her or leave. Lisa’s thoughts about the relationship and her boyfriend are being challenged by Oliver’s perspective in the search for the truth about their relationship.

Exposition: For my master’s thesis, I have been looking into first-person perspectives in films and how they might affect echo chambers, as a part of my exposition I have therefore constructed an echo chamber. I will also be performing a physical theatre piece together with the actor Dasha Nikiforova, exploring physical interpretations of the monologue from my first film What I Wanted to Say.
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Scented Rooms Still.jpg

Shauheen Daneshfar

Scented Rooms - Poetic Experimental Documentary (35 min)
Driven by nostalgia, the filmmaker revisits the remains of a suffocated social culture through an abandoned theatre that no longer exists after Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Exposition: In 1979, during and after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, a wide number of cinema and theatre halls were set on fire by extremist revolutionaries or closed forever. Consequently, many artists and workers were forced to give up their professions. The phenomenon in question can be considered as an effort of the government to further change the cultural identity of the country. One of the closed down theatres was Tamashakhaneh Tehran, the country’s oldest modern theatre built in 1915.

For the filmmaker, an Iranian person who grew up under the circumstances of the Islamic government, this particular theatre has always been a symbol of a hindered way of living. He revisits the theatre, drawing attention to a suffocated social culture. Through patient observations and metaphoric statements, the filmmaker is bringing this omitted subject to the centre of attention.

Besides the use of archive materials, choreographed pieces and footage from the actual ruins of the place, the artist utilizes poetic text and imagery to uncover the abstract memory of the building and the era. The intention is to invite the audience to have an experience of decaying beauty and to witness something that has been silent for a long time gain expression again.

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Jamil Walli

Lagom Svensk (17 min)
A short fiction film that tells the story of a young Syrian man, who after being insulted by a native Swede re-enacts the insult on another Swede only to get caught in a fight over what it means to be Swedish.  

Exposition: Voiceover is a narrating technique omnipresent in films of all genres. It talks over the picture and propels the story in a certain direction. How do we perceive the picture when voiceover contradicts its visual content and the feelings it seems to portray?  
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Otto Båth

Overkligheten (12 min)
An aging puppeteer running from war, has a plan to find shelter for himself and his puppet. An old student has offered to help, but at what cost?

Exposition: You are not here.
The exposition explores the absence of yourself or another human.

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Annamarie Čermáková

PRAHO!  (a publication)
Can an interaction between the inhabitants of a city in a public space lead to a dialogue causing an artistic expression?

Exposition: How does the course of an artistic intervention in public space look like if society itself has a direct influence on its further development? In my exhibition, in addition to the original idea, I try to outline all aspects of further development that led me to the formation of the first of four PRAHO! project publications.

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Documentary Processes

Tanja Holm Stockholmsavtalet.jpg

Tanja Holm

Twerk for Yemen (15 min)
(work in progress)
How are we to remedy the cruelty and apathy in the world? How can there be peace in Yemen? A hot-tempered film that seeks answers in and around Stockholm.

Stockholm Agreement (20 min)
The war has turned Yemen into the greatest humanitarian catastrophe on earth. Five million children risk starvation. The warring parties are taken to Sweden for UN-led negotiations. Maybe this is the first step towards peace.

Exposition: Sanaa
The gingerbread houses are miniature versions of thousand-year-old tower houses that until recently stood in Yemen. They were bombed in 2015. From ruins they rise again in flour and syrup. Can gingerbread break Swedish indifference?

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Emilie Löfgren

About Grief (34 min)
We follow Hanna, Sven, Isabella and Dee into their personal stories on how they’re dealing with the loss of their closest family members. About Grief gives us insight into four people’s grieving processes, and the movement of time while one life has ended.

Exposition: An exposition about the creation of the documentary About Grief (2022) and the exploration of future film methods. The emotionally sustainable film process is a pilot project and an aspiration to find a healthy working environment in the film industry.

A space for reflection and rest is an installation where we are invited to sit down on one of the pillows, light an electric candle and serve ourselves a cup of tea. I share my notes from the process and how I and the film team in collaboration with Cilla Holm, therapist and former film producer, created a safe space for good communication during the making of About Grief (2022). The project is about finding a way to work with what I call the emotionally sustainable film process.

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till fb.png

Mona Abbasnejad

Toilet Talk (18 min)
Toilet Talk is a declaration of love for the ladies toilet and everyone I met there. It is a film about friendship, intimacy and community. A tribute to female friendship. About the small and big things in life. The light and the heavy. A film where women's thoughts, feelings and conversations are in focus.

Exposition: At the girls' toilet, we cross each other's paths & affect each other's fates. We drink and pee together, hold each other's hair when we puke and make out. Here we create history! Welcome in to say hello! Welcome to the Toilet confession booth! Here you can talk to a stranger, listen to recorded conversations from the toilet and share your toilet memories. Maybe there is a listening ear on the other side of the wall?

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Ny bild till Emelie Victoria Birket-Smith.png

Emilie Victoria Birket-Smith

All living wants to be free (48 min)
An essay film about the relationship between two penpals.

Exposition: A memory belongs just as much to the body as it belongs to the mind. My exposition is about what we can tell without words and about creating a more nuanced narrative about traum. Giving the body a voice.

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DCF0219_Amanda Savelands projekt.jpg

Amanda Saveland

What I take with me (20 min)
A car trip to the beach develops into a story about memory, environmental degradation and the future. Behind the camera is a self that worries about the Baltic Sea, and that seeks answers on how she should relate to the time and condition of the sea she grew up with.

Exposition: Disappearing coasts, seabed death and environmental toxins. These themes are the focus of my work - as well as the question of how I can narrate my own climate grief. What becomes visible when I point the camera at the sea? What can be captured, and not?

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Huset mittemot av Siri Pårup.png

Siri Pårup

Huset mittemot (12 min)
From my window I can see into the apartments in the opposite building. In each apartment there is a movie going on where the plot never ends. The actors are ordinary people. People that I think I know all about, even though we have never met or talked to each other. What I see from my window mixed with my prejudices creates fictional stories about these people and their day to day lives.

Exposition: An exploration in creative documentary where I start with documentary material and experiment with staged scenes filmed in a studio and visual effects in post-production.

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Bild Nayefs projekt.jpg

Nayef Ghoul

The whole earth recognize a strong man (14 min)
Chani devotes a lot of time in the gym to getting a strong body. He has been preparing for several years to get to the bodybuilding scene where he competes in Mens physique today. There is a dream behind every muscle builder, behind Chani's body, extends a dream already as a child, when he early dreamed of an image with a man who had big muscles and long hair, a picture of a man he had seeked for and today is achieved.

Rashida (12 min)
Myriam is studying in the second ring in high school and dreams of a professional contract at Chelsea FC but who currently plays for Djurgården IF ladies' academy. Myriam is the only girl in a football family with four brothers where everyone plays football at an elite level. There is a father who himself played football earlier and who would like to see his children as future football professional players. Myriam seeks her place in the family through football while trying to make her own and other girls' place bigger in society at the same time.

Exposition: In my exposition, I will explore the relation with my gaze and my artwork and take you to a field with memories and stories from my earlier life and connect it to my artistic journey and my relative work, I will also share my working process.

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Matthews project.png

Matthew D'Arcy

Scenes of potential presentness - working title (80 min)
My friends and I grew up in Camden, London. How did we see the differences in our skin colour, class and wealth when we were children and how do we see ourselves now that we reach middle-age?

Exposition: A try at finding and defining presentness in documentary film. How can a filmmaker’s performance create the conditions for it to occur?

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