Marie Fahlin's public defence

The public defence of Marie Fahlin’s doctoral project Moving through Choreography – Curating Choreography as an Artistic Practice, at Stockholm University of the Arts, will take place in the exhibition 28 April 2021 at 14.00–18.00.

Joanna Sandell

Examination committee     
Theodor Ringborg
Astrid von Rosen
Gabriel Smeets
Rebecca Hilton (deputy member)

Principal supervisor            
André Lepecki

Cristina Caprioli

The documented artistic research project (thesis) is made public and archived through the following intertwined materials:

A curated and choreographed exhibition including video documentation of the live performance ONE – I leave the skin dead and dry shining light behind me

Centauring – The Book          
Printed publication

Printed publication

7 riddikter                            
Moving through Choreography – Curating Choreography as an Artistic Practice   The dissertation's documented materials published in Research Catalogue

The The artistic PhD project is published in DiVA and Research Catalogue 

The public defence will be in English.

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