Carolina Jinde’s Public defence

The Public defence of Carolina Jinde will take place on 30 September 2022 at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Carolina Jinde’s public defence of the Documented Artistic Research Project (Doctoral Thesis) in Performative and Mediated Practices: ENHEAR

Follow the public defence live here on 30 September at 13:00. 


CHAT is open below during the public defence: 


Title of doctoral project

ENHEAR - a way of being, a state of mind, a field of enquiry exploring;
the creative and collaborative potentials of sound centric strategies in film and media-based contexts.

Documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis)


  • Enhear Traces: an installation of objects, experiences and sonic artefacts, developed collaboratively over the course of the research, exhibited at the Making Public event
  • The Enhear Collection: a publication available to read at the Making Public event. It includes:
  • The Enhear Book - a poetic take on enhear
  • The Enhear Prompts - a deck of cards sharing practical methods developed over the course of the research
  • The Imagine Series - five short poems published in five separate mini books
  • Gertrud and Julie: an audio play created using methods developed within the research project. It is devised for an empty stage to be experienced via a multi-speaker setup. The play will premiere at the Making Public event
  • The Research Catalogue Exposition: a digital exposition including a comprehensive introduction to the research project and documentation of and reflections on the project’s multiple sub-projects. The exposition is offered primarily as a listening experience

Participants during the Public defence

External Opponent:
Anne Gry Haugland
, associate Professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, RDAM.

Examination Committee Members
Carl Henrik Olof Svensson,
professor and head teacher of sound at the Norwegian Film School. 
Anna Lindal, former head of the SKH department of Opera, professor emeritus, violinist and researcher in musical performance.
Rune Søchting's artist and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Substitute committee member:
Wilhelm Carlsson, theatre director and professor in musical dramatic performance at the Opera Department at SKH.

Principal supervisor:
Rebecca Hilton

Second Supervisor:
Cathy Lane

Cecilia Roos

Schedule Public defence

  • Welcome by Maria Hedman Hvidtfeldt, Head of deptartment
  • The Chair Cecilia Roos opens 
  • The Respondent’s (PhD candidate) presentation
  • The Opponent’s summary 
  • The Opponent + the Respondent discussion 
     Audience short break
  • The Committee’s questions 
  • The audience’s questions ​
    Audience break/Examination committee meeting
  • The result is proclaimed

The documented artistic research project by Carolina Jinde ‘ENHEAR is published in DiVA and Research Catalogue.


ENHEAR: a way of being, a state of mind, a field of enquiry;
exploring the creative and collaborative potentials of sound centric strategies in film and media-based contexts.

The term enhear invites an approach to research, art, practice, sound studio and world that is comprehensively aural. It proposes listening as both act and role; listening as a present tense, continual and continuous co-creation of the inter-relational spaces we all share.

Drawing on the specific expertise and orientation of the sound engineer in film and media-based production, the research unfolds as a series of interrelated experiments and reflections, exploring enhear via a diverse range of artistic approaches, collaborative methods and pedagogical practices. Each sub-project brings particular attention to the auditory perspective, a radically underutilised element within the visually dominated context of film and media.

This project contends that consciously incorporating attentive and inclusive listening practices into the lifecycle of creative processes will make considerable artistic, ethical and practical contributions to film and media-based productions; further utilising the expertise, raising the profile and expanding the practices of the sound engineer.