Write and publish

When you are going to write a thesis or publish your work in DiVA or the Research Catalog, here are tips to get.

Reference systems
Guide to the Harvard System by York St John University, UK
Guide to the Harvard System by Karlstad Univerisity Library


Reference management tool
The library at SKH recommends Zotero, as it is a free reference management program, which means that you can use Zotero even after you have left as an employee or student at SKH. Zotero has been built up with generous support from a number of American funds and foundations and lots of non-profit work. It is a really good program with very few bugs or problems and more and more Swedish universities recommend Zotero.

Download Zotero
Manual Zotero


Completed and approved student essays, doctoral dissertations and other research are registered and published in DiVA (Digital Scientific Archive). Publishing work in DiVA means that the work is spread not only national but also international as various search engines capture these academic works.

In Research Catalog, artistic research is registered and made international available.


Manuals and instructions
Manual DiVA - students
Manual DiVA - PhD

Manual Research catalogue

If you want to search in DiVA or Research Catalogue, look at the library webpage at the Search button.