Studio practice and artistic process - course

Studio Practice and Artistic Process - Course

This is a course for active performing or dance artists who are looking for a focused period of time to further develop their artistic practice with the help of guidance and feedback in a context where other creative processes are taking place.
Studio practice and artistic process is a course similar to a studio residency for artistic work and development. Our premises on Brinellvägen 58, which are usually empty during the summers, are transformed into an active place for creative exchanges, processes and creativity.

The course applies to you as a dance and performing artist who is just starting to make your own performative works or to you who are a more established artist who seeks a focused period of time to develop your artistic practice.

You apply with an artistic idea as the starting point for the work during the course and will receive support in the process through individual supervision/conversation and through methods for feedback in groups.

You will have access to studio space as well as time to organize and further develop your work on your own, both practically in the studio and through writing. The course starts with a workshop on artistic method and feedback, which is followed up during the course with a common feedback session with all participants.

Scheduled activities 5 June-7 July 2023

  • Mon 5/6 10-12 Introduction 
  • Tues 6/6 10-16 Workshop artistic method
  • Wed 7/6 10-16 Workshop artistic method
  • Thu 8/6 10-16 Workshop feedback method
  • Fri 9/6 10-16 Workshop feedback method
  • Mon 26/6 10-16 Feedback group session
  • Tues 27/6 10-16 Feedback group session
  • Thu 6/7 10-17 (examinations)
  • Fri 7/7 10-17 (examinations)

The rest of the time is dedicated to your own work, supervision and self-organized feedback in groups.


Each course participant is supervised by Ellen Söderhult.

Course leader: Tove Salmgren.

Teachers: Tove Salmgren and Ellen Söderhult.

Tove Salmgren lives in Stockholm where she works as a performer, choreographer, curator and educator. As an artist, she often works curatorially with an interest in aesthetic experiments challenging boundaries and understandings of what art is and can do, as human expression and imprint on its surroundings.

Tove works with the solo format and participates in collaborations, as in the ongoing collaboration with the artists Moa Franzén and Kajsa Wadhia, where the group explores the voice as choreographic materiality and politics.

Since 2016, Tove runs a platform for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala, Köttinspektionen dans – a collaboration with the artist Kajsa Wadhia.

Tove is employed as an Assistant Professor of Choreography with a focus on performative practices at the Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH). Tove has a Master's degree in Choreography from the programme New Performative Practices, at SKH, and for the past 10 years she has been involved within SKH as a coordinator, course leader, supervisor and teacher..

Ellen Söderhult works as a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm.

Her previous works have often taken on the collective as protagonist and revolved around texture in sound and movement. Both in the sporty punk ballet “How to do things with Romance” and “Rudy”, but also in works where choral singing and vibrating bass were central elements such as in “Shane et al” and “DUNKA DUNKA”. 

Ellen often dances in other people's works and collaborates in various constellations and roles with, among others, Marvil Iglesias and Catarina Zarazua Mujo, Sindri Runudde, Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Johanssons Pelargoner och Dans, Sandra Medina and Anna Efraimsson and Rasmus Ölme and.

In 2015, she initiated the platform Nobody's business for the open source exchange of artistic practices together with Alice Chauchat and Eleanor Bauer. Ellen is trained in dance and circus at SKH.

Photo: Dan Johansson. From "Agency of Cross-Disciplinary Accords" by Dan Johansson, New Performative Practicies, 2019.

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  • Entry requirements

    General Entry Requirements:
    for studies at the first cycle with the exception of Swedish 1-3 and English 6.

    Specific Entry Requirements:
    60 credits in choreography or dance or equivalent work experience in choreography or dance or related performative practices.



    If you don’t fulfil the formal entry requirements for the programme you may apply for recognition of prior learning, in other words that the knowledge and competence you have acquired through other activities are assessed as the equivalent of the formal merits that are required. Submit your application for recognition of prior learning with your application for the programme.

    You may also apply for an exemption/a waiver, that allows you to proceed to the selection process even though you don’t meet the general admission requirements. Submit your application for an exemption/a waiver together with your application.

    Read more about how you can show that you meet the entry requirements (that you are eligible).

  • Valuable prior knowledge

    In addition to the qualifications required for the course, it is valuable if you have other prior knowledge such as the habit of independently organizing and running your work, experience of working in groups and the ability to formulate an artistic idea.

  • How to apply

    Start your application early! Don’t delay in submitting your application! You may run into trouble if you wait until the last day and your internet connection happens to be down, or you find that your files are in the wrong format. You will not be able to apply once the last date for applications has passed. Keep in mind that your application needs to be turned in by 23.59 (Swedish time).

    Apply to the course via

    You apply to the course via, HERE. 

    Last day to apply is 15 March 2023. 

    NOTE! The documents described below are to be uploaded with your application at 

    Documents to be submitted for this course

    1.  Text - presenting an artistic idea
      Upload short text where you present an artistic idea that is the starting point for your work during the course. Maximum 1 A4-page and 4000 signs including spaces. Use pdf. 
    2. A CV of your artistic work and experience
      Upload a CV, where you list your education, professional experience and other relevant experiences that you want to refer to. Use pdf.


    Important dates for your application 

    - Last day for applications: 15 March 2023
    Please note! Choose “Summer 2023” for your search!

    - Last day to pay the application fee or prove that you are not required to pay the fees: March 30, 2023 (read more under Application and tuition fees below)

    Admission results:  Published on My pages on 26 April 2023.

  • When you have applied

    Assessment is based on of submitted material. If there are more eligible applicants than places on the course, a selection is made by assessing the feasibility of the applicant's artistic idea, in relation to the course content.

  • Application and tuition fees

    If you are a Swedish citizen or a citizen of another EU or EEA country you are not required to pay application or tuition fees. Some other groups are also exempt from the requirement to pay application and study fees.

    A few years ago Sweden introduced application and tuition fees for higher education. The level of the study fees depends on which course/programme they are for, and the level is set in order to cover the actual costs of the course/programme in question. SKH has some possibilities of offering scholarships that cover the whole study fee or that subsidise it.

    If you are required to pay an application fee, the Swedish Council for Higher Education needs to receive your payment by the last date forpaying the tuition fee. The application fee is SEK 900. If you are required to pay the application fee and the Swedish Council for Higher Education has not received your payment by the last date for paying the tuition fee, they will not process your application.

    The tuition fee for the course is 49 500 SEK SEK.


    Read more about tuition fees and how to pay to SKH.