Entrepreneurship and business development in the artistic and creative field - course

Entrepreneurship and business development in the artistic and creative field - course

The course Entrepreneurship and business development of artistic and creative field is aimed at those who are interested in entrepreneurship and starting new activities.

Cultural and artistic enterprises are often very good at content - but often lack corporate tools. These can be practical tools as well as theoretical insights into expanding managing companies and leading people. During the course, we will investigate the entrepreneur's different characteristics and abilities. The importance of supportive environments and networks for business development and new activities will also be discussed.

One aim of the course is to identify and create entrepreneurial opportunities with a focus on sustainable outcomes. Another aim is to provide a basic introduction to identify, implement and evaluate business ideas adapted to artistic and creative enterprises, activities and organisations.

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    Course leader is Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius who has been principal of the school Kaospilots since 2006. Kaospilots is an internationally recognized leadership and entrepreneurship school in Denmark. Among other things, Kaospilots has been named one of the world's best design schools by BusinessWeek and has had many Swedish students over the years.

    In addition to his work as principal, Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius is a recognized lecturer, entrepreneur and leader in various contexts.

  • Entry requirements

    General entry requirement for studies at the first cycle (with the exception of Swedish 1, 2, 3) or the equivalent.

    Specific entry requirement: 30 credits within the main field of study performing arts and media or the equivalent.

    If you don’t fulfil the formal entry requirements for the programme you may apply for recognition of prior learning, in other words that the knowledge and competence you have acquired through other activities are assessed as the equivalent of the formal merits that are required. Submit your application for recognition of prior learning with your application for the programme.

    You may also apply for an exemption/a waiver, that allows you to proceed to the selection process even though you don’t meet the general admission requirements. Submit your application for an exemption/a waiver together with your application.

    Read more about how you can show that you meet the entry requirements (that you are eligible).

  • Valuable prior knowledge

  • How to apply

    Start your application early! Don’t delay in submitting your application! You may run into trouble if you wait until the last day and your internet connection happens to be down, or you find that your files are in the wrong format. You will not be able to apply once the last date for applications has passed. Keep in mind that your application needs to be turned in by 23.59 (Swedish time).

    How to apply:

    Please note! Read all the instructions below before you submit your application

    1. Apply to the course via universityadmissions.se

    Last day for application: 17 October 2022 

    2. Submit your work sample via universityadmissions.se

    You need to submit the following work samples via universityadmissions.se in order to be part of the selection to this course:

    • personal letter.  

      Personal letter answering the five questions below. Max 1 A4 page (4.000 characters).

      - What made you apply to this course?
      - What do you hope to get out of the course?
      - What will you contribute with that will enhance the learning experience for the other students in the course?
      - Curiosity and imagination are important aspects of the creative process, how do you nurture those qualities?
      - How do you see artistic practice make a positive difference for you, others and society?

    • A CV 
      Here you list your education, professional experience and other relevant experiences that you want to refer to. Support your CV with certificates from employers, or others who you have worked with, programs, reviews, or similar.

    You submit the documents via universityadmissions.se/My pages/Documents/Upload documents.

    Last day to submit work sample to be part of the selection: 1 November 2022


    Submit supporting documentation of previous studies via universityadmissions.se

    Check that your documentation of previous studies is submitted at universityadmissions.se. If you can’t see your documents on “My pages”, then you need to submit them there: universityadmissions.se/My pages/Documents/Upload documents.

    Last day to submit supporting documentation of previous studies: 1 November 2022

    Other important dates

    • 1 November 2022 – Last day to pay the application fee, or prove that you are not required to pay the fees (read more under Application and tuition fees below)

    • 9 December 2022 – Admission results published on “My pages” on universityadmissions.se

    • 19 December 2022 - Last day to reply to possible course offer

  • When you have applied

    Selection is based on a written application consisting of CV and personal letter in which the applicant justifies why the applicant is looking for the course. If necessary interviews in a second step.

  • Application and tuition fees

    If you are a Swedish citizen or a citizen of another EU or EEA country you are not required to pay application or tuition fees. Some other groups are also exempt from the requirement to pay application and study fees.

    A few years ago Sweden introduced application and tuition fees for higher education. The level of the study fees depends on which course/programme they are for, and the level is set in order to cover the actual costs of the course/programme in question. SKH has some possibilities of offering scholarships that cover the whole study fee or that subsidise it.

    If you are required to pay an application fee, the Swedish Council for Higher Education needs to receive your payment by the last date forpaying the tuition fee. The application fee is SEK 900. If you are required to pay the application fee and the Swedish Council for Higher Education has not received your payment by the last date for paying the tuition fee, they will not process your application.

    The tuition fee for the course is 81 750 SEK.

    Read more about tuition fees and how to pay to SKH.