On this page you'll find contact details to Stockholm University of the Arts as well as information on invoicing and e-invoice requirements


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Telephone +46 8 49 400 000
Fax: +46 8 49 400 203


For questions about education/admission, send an e-mail to the Educational Administration Department:

For general information, send an e-mail to:

For matters regarding the registrar, send an e-mail to
(The Registrar handles incoming mail, keeps a record of the public documents of the University and gives information about registered matters.)


Postal address:
Stockholm University of the Arts
P.O. Box 24045
104 50 Stockholm

Visiting- and delivery address:
Linnégatan 87, 115 23 Stockholm

Visiting address DOCH, School of Dance and Circus: Brinellvägen 58

Visiting address University College of Opera: Teknikringen 35

Visiting address Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts: Valhallavägen 189

For directions and other addresses, please see the tab Find us under each school:
DOCH, School of Dance and Circus
University College of Opera
Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Invoicing and e-invoice requirements

Legislated e-invoice requirement*

From 1 April 2019, you as a supplier to Stockholm University of the Arts must send us an e-invoice. (Note that PDF is not an approved format.)

If you already use e-invoices

Stockholm University of the Arts can receive invoices via the PEPPOL network. In that case, you need to connect via a company that supports your e-invoicing via PEPPOL. Check whether your accounting / invoicing system supplier or e-invoice service can use the PEPPOL network. Stockholm University of the Arts PEPPOL-ID is 0007:2021006560. The formats that Stockholm University of the Arts can receive via the PEPPOL network are PEPPOL BIS Billing 3, Svefaktura 1.0.

If you currently do not use e-invoices

If you do not have a business system: Use our invoicing portal:

If you have a business system: It is often possible to create e-invoices in existing business systems/accounting systems. Check with your system supplier. E-invoicing services can also be purchased from certain companies in order to achieve the same thing, as can the installation of a “virtual invoice printer”.

Contact the Financial Department:

More information on e-invoices:, and

See frequentely asked questions about the new law at the Agency for Digital Government.

*In June of 2018, the Riksdag decided to adopt the Act regarding e-invoicing in public procurement (SFS 2018:1277). Purchases made by us, Stockholm University of the Arts, shall therefore be billed using e-invoices. Also remember to include our reference in the invoice.

On the invoice please note VAT SE202100656001 and "Reverse charge".