Selection process

The selection to the Master Programme New Performative Practices is made by selection. The selection process is divided into two parts, described below. The assessment is made by an Admission group. The selection process focuses on your proposal for presenting your artistic practice.

Selection Part 1 – no participation of applicant needed

A selected part of the Admission group will make a first scrutiny of the eligible applicants based on the documentation sent in by you. Selection 1 takes place 22-26 February 2021. No participation of applicant is needed.


In Selection 1 the Admission group will look at the following materials related to your previous experience, your artistic articulation, method of work, communicability, craftsmanship and:

− the presentation plan

− the problem/-s raised by the presentation plan

− the chosen method

− the artistic approach in relation to your primary artistic practice, training/background and professional experience

− idea/-s about the documentation and its form

SKH can only accept presentation proposals that fit the capacity of the school to provide qualified training within the artistic field concerned. This will also be considered a criterion to be taken into consideration by SKH during the selection process.


No participation of applicant is needed since the selection is based on documentation uploaded by the applicant together with the application. The Admission group will look at all the uploaded documentation with special emphasis on your proposal for presentation of your artistic practice, CV, biography, statement on artistic practice, letter of motivation and previous work on film.


The assessment is made on a scale (1-5) where 1 is the lowest assessment and 5 the highest. The assessment relates to the criteria. The result of the selection tests is judged and assessed on the following scale:

1. The applicant does not meet the criteria.

2. The applicant to some extent meets the criteria.

3. The applicant meets the criteria.

4. The applicant meets the criteria well.

5. The applicant meets the criteria very well.

After Selection 1, the Admission group makes a selection of applicants that proceed to Selection 2. You will be notified of the result of Selection 1 by e-mail.

Selection Part 2: 8-12 March 2021

Selection 2 consists of an individual interview held by the Admission group. Invitation to Selection 2 will be sent out at around 1-3 March 2021.

Time and Place

Interviews will be held individually in person or digitally via Zoom. Each applicant attend for his/her interview (maximum 50 minutes) during one day 8-12 March 2021. 


The Admission group wishes to discuss your presentation proposal and your ability to accomplish the project. The Admission group also wants to learn about your working methods and artistic choices as well as your previous/current work, artistic practice and activities.


The Admission group will make an overall assessment on the information received at the interview based on what’s stated under Aim. After Selection 2 the Admission group will suggest which applicants that should be admitted and which applicant should be put on the reserve list. The Vice-Chancellor of SKH will then make the final decision about admission and reserve list.