Kåren DOCH

Kåren DOCH represents the students at the departments of Circus, Dance and Dance Pedagogy.
Photo: Einar Kling-Odencrants

Kåren DOCH (STUDOCH) is the student union for students at the departments of Circus, Dance and Dance Pedagogy. Our work is centered on ensuring education quality through student representation, and to contribute to make SKH an inspiring and fun place to study. STUDOCH's board is called STUB.

STUB's board

Chair (DOCH responsible): Liv Andersson
Chair (Uniarts responsible): Satu Nyman
Secretary: Taika Rautiainen
Treasurer: Sonja Aaltonen
PR Manager: Johanna Hillbom
Great Counsellor of the Uniarts board and Uniarts Assembled Student Unions: Love Andersson
Great Counsellor of Uniarts Assembled Student Unions: Chloé de Buyl-Pisco
Great Counsellor of Buena Vista Social Activities: Alva Zakó
Great Counsellor of Membership Manager and SSCO (Stockholms studentkårers centralorganisation): Natalia Drozd
Great Counsellor of Student Health and Erasmus Responsible: Mariê Maravieski Mazzer
Great Counsellor of Student Representative: Jane Sievänen
Board member: Daphne Giannikopoulou
Environment and sustainability responsible: Tilde Naglitsch

Send an email to STUB at studentkaren.doch@uniarts.se

All jobs, events, promotions related is to be sent to PR managers in the STUDOCH board.