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Here you find information about the Student Union, Student Services and our work with Equal terms (functional variance, harassment and active measures).

Student Union and Student Services

SKh had three student unions that are independent non-profit associations. SKH's unified student unions (a collaborative body for the local student unions) have as their primary task to guard the students' interests, promote student influence and represent the students on the university board and the university's overall bodies. SKH attaches great importance to the participation of the students to influence the development of the university. Contact the student union at

Do you need student housing?

Join the student union and you will have a chance to get a home with the Stockholm Student Housing Foundation, Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB).

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Student and Mecenate cards

There are two different cards that act as discount and benefit cards and student IDs for those studying at a university in Sweden: the Student Card and the Mecenat Card. The cards give you various discounts and benefits at a number of companies across the country.

If you have a student grant from CSN, you do not need a certificate to obtain the Mecenat card. However, you who do not have study funding from CSN need a certificate to be able to order the card.

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As a student, you are insured for accidents that arise in connection with the teaching or trips to and from SKH. Stockholm Student Health Service (Studenthälsan) offers medical and psychological counseling as a complement to other health care. Student health prioritises problems related to the study situation.

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The program courses and courses of at least three weeks give you the right to apply for study funding from CSN. Forms and rules are available at

Note! In your application you must state your program, not your orientation.

Study breaks

If you want to be vacant for a longer period, you must apply for study breaks. The application form is available on the intranet. The application for study breaks is processed by your head of department.

Some useful contacts

The Swedish Board of Student Finance, CSN
Application forms and information are available at
Phone: 0771-27 60 00

Stockholm students' central organization, SSCO
Reading places, group rooms, auditorium, café, CSN
Student Palace, Norrtullsgatan 2, Odenplan Metro,
Phone: 08-674 76 60

The Swedish National Union of Students, SFS

Student Health in Stockholm
Information, telephone numbers and telephone times for medical and psychological counseling.
Student Health Services

Student Priest

The Stockholm Student Housing Foundation, SSSB
Körsbärsvägen 2
Phone: 08-458 10 10

Stockholm Student Sports Association, SSIF
Tel: 08-15 10 75 for programs and activities

ALARMS LIST in serious event
Police not emergency: 114 14

Equal terms - functional variance, harassment and active measures

SKH's vision is to be a non-discrimination workplace and place of study in which people meet on equal terms in an environment where diversity is an important factor for future development and deeper quality. By actively and consciously including everyone to participate in the university on equal terms, conditions are created for future knowledge and social development.

Read more about the work with functional variance and harassment at Equal terms