Practical things

Here you find information about communication, it and the premises.


A large part of what we all do at SKH consists of communication and information in different directions: between students, teachers, administrators, technical- and service personnel and the outside world. We are therefore all responsible for ensuring that communication and information is accurate and relevant, reaching the right recipient at the right time and that it does not unnecessarily contribute to a distracting information noise.

The intranet

On SKH's intranet you will find news, syllabuses, calendar, forms, a digital bulletin board and a host of other practical information that can be useful to you. Go to the intranet and log in with your user account (which you receive at the start of your education).


All students have an e-mail account at SKH to be used in all communications relating to SKH's operations.

Staff have e-mail addresses according to the model

Students have e-mail addresses according to the model

You can easily access the e-mail via webmail, the address is If you have a smartphone you can also easily add your SKH e-mail to your phone. The account type is called Exchange ActiveSync and the server to connect to is called

Note! It is your responsibility to check your SKH e-mail regularly.



SKH's website is our display window to the outside world and a channel for marketing education, public events and our students.

Social Media
SKH has four official Facebook pages where we publish news and events.
FB: Stockholms konstnärliga högskola
FB: SKH Circus, Dance och Dance Pedagogy
FB: SKH Opera
FB: SKH Film och media, Scenkonst och Skådespeleri

SKH has an instagram account:
Instagram: stockholmskonstnarligahogskola

Info screens and message boards

At SKH, there are a number of bulletin boards with dedicated locations for our own internal communication. At Valhallavägen there are also digital info screens in the entrance halls of the D and T buildings respectively.


Staff and students have their own mailboxes.

Note! Private letters and parcels may not be sent at SKH's expense. For example, letters to CSN are private.

Internal mail

The buildings at Brinellvägen 58, Teknikringen 35 and Valhallavägen 189  have a mailbin for outgoing internal mail.

Contact information for staff and students

You can find contact information in the Outlook address book and on the Find people page on our website.

Weekly newsletter

You receive the internal weekly letter via email every week throughout the academic year. Here you can read about current events at SKH. You can also read the weekly letters on our intranet. If you would like to publish information in the weekly letter, please email to

Newsletter about SKH and our research

You can follow SKH's activities through Newsletters and Research News which come out periodically. Sign up at the bottom of the homepage at or go here: Newsletter


When you start your studies at SKH, you will, in connection with the introduction days, receive log in to the network where you have access to the most common office programs, e-mails, the possibility to store "ordinary" (not large media files) and the printing possibility using your "tag".

In order to gain access to the network, you must sign a liability agreement where you agree to follow the rules for the use of IT equipment within SKH.

Read more: On the intranet there is an IT manual for students. Go to the intranet.

Operating System

SKH has a mixed IT environment with both PC / Windows and Mac computers. The goal is for the information to be platform independent but sometimes it can differ in how to access certain information.

Wireless Network

You who are a registered student and have received IT equipment from SKH have access to our internal wireless network SKH_INTERNAL. In order to log in, you must have a user account, which you will receive in connection with your registration. For IT equipment other than SKH's, such as a personal computer, tablet or phone, use the Eduroam network. Instructions on how to connect to Eduroam can be found on the intranet.

Through the wireless network you can browse the internet but also have access to your home directory.

Printer / Copier

To be able to print or copy, use your "tag" which you receive in connection with the introduction days.

IT Support

As a student at SKH, you have access to our IT service desk. If your question is not urgent, firstly report your case via the green button on the intranet's homepage.

If your problem is acute, you can call our Service Desk at extension 8300 (08 49 400 300) between 08.00-16.00 (closed for lunch 11.30-12.30)


Our premises are divided into six houses.



Premises and departments

SKH Brinellvägen
2 houses with 1 stage, 1 circus hall, 14 dance studios and library
Departments: Circus, Dance, Dance Pedagogy
Address: Brinellvägen 58 (main building) and 34 (circus hall) on the KTH Campus in Stockholm.

SKH Teknikringen
1 stage, 3 studios and library
Departments: Opera
Address: Teknikringen 35 at the KTH Campus in Stockholm.

SKH Valhallavägen
2 houses (D- and T-building) with 3 stages, 5 theatre studios, 1 cinema, 1 film studio, 1 tv studio, 3 radio studios and library
Departments: Film and Media, Performing Arts, Acting
Address: Valhallavägen 189 (D-building) and 193 (T-building).

SKH Linnégatan 87 (joint leadership, administration, research centre)
2 larger seminar rooms, research rooms and library

In addition to these larger rooms, there are several teaching and exercise rooms of different sizes at each address as well as student kitchen.


Our premises are modern and adapted for people with disabilities.


SKH has a library with three branches, which together subscribes to about 20 different databases.

In the library at Brinellvägen 58 you will find literature on circus, dance, choreography and dance pedagogy as well as a collection of cd's and dvd's for lending. The library contains the Zetterberg collection, a book collection that belonged to the choreographer Jan Zetterberg.

In the library at Valhallavägen 193 there are books and magazines about film, radio, tv, theatre, mime, scenography, directing, the writing process, mask and costume. There is also a large collection of play and movie script and a collection of dvd's.

In the library at Teknikringen 35 you will find notes, mainly piano extracts for operas, but also song collections and books on the vocals, music theory and music history.

Read more about the library.

Fire and safety information

The main purpose of SKH's fire protection is to protect life, health and property.

  • Look for the nearest emergency exit at your workplace
  • In case of fire alarm: evacuate the premises. Go to the collection point.
  • Follow Priority:

Save those in danger. Do not expose yourself to risks.
Warn others so they can put themselves in safety.
Call 112. Meet emergency services.
Extinguish the fire if you think you are able to. Use fire extinguishers and aim for the glow.

Also remember not to let unauthorized persons into the premises, respect the alarm times, close windows.

Working environment

Keep it clean! Leave the premises clean and tidy. Avoid coffee or other beverages where there is a lot of technical equipment. No food outside the student foyer and student kitchen!

Student Foyer and Student Kitchen: Wash and pick up after you.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas. Please note that smoking is also not allowed at the entrances. Animals are not allowed to stay in the houses due to allergy risk.