Admission process for the Master's Programme in Performing Arts

Time plan 2019

January 15: Last date of application

Week 11: Result of selection for stage 2 is sent out

Mars 18 -29: Interviews

Step 1. Assessment of entry requirements

The assessment process of the entry requirements is divided into two parts:

A.  Assessment of the general entry requirement of a bachelor’s degree, as well as the specific entry requirements of a bachelor’s degree of fine arts and English 5. Applications for recognition of prior learning will be assessed by a specially appointed teacher.

B.  Assessment of the specific entry requirement a grade of pass in the qualification test showing  artistic ability in performing arts

The qualification test

The qualification test showing artistic ability in performing arts is assessed by an admission group. The assessment is based on the film and/or still photo and/or sound file uploaded by the applicant and the documents: a project description, reflection on a given text and the motivation letter.

The admission group will evaluate the level of the applicant’s artistic work by looking at the portfolio: film and/or still photo and/or sound file and will evaluate:

- The level of craftsmanship

- The clarity of artistic concepts expressed in the work

In the applicant’s Project description and Letter of motivation the admission group will evaluate the level of articulation in terms of:

- Motivation for applying to the programme

- Expectations of the studies undertaken on the programme

- Clarity of project idea and how relevant it is to the programme

- The challenges that the project may entail

- Contextualization of the project within the field of performing arts

- Considerations regarding the project’s documentation

The written reflection to a given text will be assessed according to:

- Ability to articulate and summarise your understanding of the text.  

- Ability to articulate why and how (or not as the case might be) the text could be helpful for your practice.

Assessment of the qualification test

The assessment relates to the criteria for the three parts of the test. The applicant has to get the grade of pass in all three parts of the test in order to pass the qualification test.

The scale for assessing the qualification test is:

Pass: The applicant demonstrates the requested ability.

Fail: The applicant does not demonstrate the requested ability.

Step 2. Interview

This part of the admission process consists of an interview where the applicant is given the opportunity to more fully describe their practice and project. The interview will be conducted by the admission group. The admission group will focus on the applicant’s conceptual, aesthetic and theoretical interests as well as their visions for a two year period of study. The applicants will be assessed based on the interview as well as the submitted material.

The admission group

The assessment of the applicants in the qualification test and the selection test is made by an admission group with expertise that reflects the current education. The admission group consists of members working at Stockholm University of the Arts as well as representatives from the professional environment.