Interview with a student

Luuk Brantjes studies at the second year of the bachelor's programme in circus.

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After your first year of studies at the Bachelor programme in circus – did the programme meet your expectations?

Yes - it definitely did in my case. I was expecting a lot of hours of technical training, since most of the graduates from DOCH have a high technical level in their discipline, and the course definately lived up to my expectations. We have lots of hours in our discipline, so development is inevitable. But it was not only the technical training that brought me to this school, because i knew there were lots of different artistic inputs as well. I particularly liked that there were so many guest teachers coming over and sharing their methods with us.

What will you do during the last years at the programme?

I will try to build further on the artistic and technical aspects of my practice, and make as much use of the facilities and opportunities that I still have in school. Next to that we, as our collective 4onBoard, will develop an act to graduate with, and present ourselves  to the world. Hopefully we will not only create an act, but come up with even more material to eventually have our own show where we can tour with after we finished school.  

What is your background?

I started off in a little youth circus in my hometown when i was just a little kid. I couldn't do much then, but I really enjoyed it. By training a lot in both the youth circus, a preparatory course of Codarts circus arts and at home, I managed to become good enough to be accepted in a professional circus school in Rotterdam. After 2 years in the BA course in Rotterdam, I decided to change schools and ended up at DOCH Dans och Cirkushögskolan. 

What are you planning to do after graduation?

My plan is to do as much as possible. I would love to have a show together with my team, and travel around, perform on festivals and have the freedom to do whatever I want. But next to that I would also like to experience how it is to work for a bigger, well established company and go on tour with them. But for now I don't want to plan too far ahead, because I'm sure opportunities will cross my path.