Interview with Carlotta Risitano

Carlotta Risitano is a student at the Bachelor's Programme in Circus
What are you studying at Uniarts? 

I’m attending the second year of the Bachelor's Programme in Circus at DOCH/Uniarts

What made you choose this education?

Previously I was studying in circus school in Italy called VERTIGO and after the two years I decided to do the auditions in DOCH, to complete and improve my skills and technique. I think DOCH is one of the most complete and advanced school in Europe.

My future goals are all about to become a great artist, work with my individual act or also I don’t exclude work in a great circus company.

Is there anything in your education you would you like to highlight?

What I really appreciate here in DOCH is the pedagogique system, how the school and the teachers really care about our career, health physical and mental. They believe in our ability

Have you got any advice for those who would like to study at Uniarts?

As every University programme will keep you busy and thinking all the time, but no worries all the staff and teachers are totally open to listen all your request and try to do always better.  It’s hard have a job and study but isn’t impossible it’s good to have a personal timetable to follow and organize in a good way day by day.

Anything else you would like to share?

As I said before I’m in the second year and personally I can feel the difference in my mind and in my body about the stress part JI know my routine,I know more the city and the people around me. I really love to be part of Uniarts, everthing works well and everybody really care about our future. I can manage to have a job, to study and have also a personal life!