Christina Molander is head of the department for performing arts and one of those responsible for the development of the new master's programme. Here she answers questions about the programme.


What has inspired you to develop this programme?

There has been many factors, one important part is that students and alumnae for a long time have asked for a master’s programme in performing arts that is open to all the specialisations that are housed within the department of performing arts. We have seen the need to develop a programme that puts the students’ own questions in focus and to offer those that have worked for a few years after their undergraduate studies a possibility to recharge, go more in-depth and reflect.

Who can enroll in the programme? What are the requirements?

The programme is based on the students having a bachelor’s degree and a few years of professional experience within the field of performing arts. We have elected not to have a specific number of years of previous experience as an entry requirement but rather to have an “eligibility test”. If you are interested in the programme but don’t have a formal bachelor’s degree or another equivalent degree we have methods for evaluating prior knowledge to assess whether you fulfil this part of the entry requirement. You can find more information about how to proceed on our site.

For this programme to be a good fit for you it’s important that you have a question/a field of interest within performing arts that you are interested in investigating and developing during the two year master’s programme.

What is important to you when you are selecting the students among the applicants?

We will look at how you describe and express yourself about the question/field of interest that you will turn in as part of your application as well as how you describe and reflect over your previous experience from performing arts.

What can I as a student expect for the programme?

The programme will give you a possibility for development, training in research preparatory skills, individual development within a collective setting and experience of different methods. As a student you will develop of the question/field of interest under professional supervision. The programme will include interesting guest teachers and the possibility to try your question in another setting.

What are your expectations on me during the programme?

We expect you to share your previous experiences and insights with each other, that you are the driving force within your own project and that you are a part in creating a good dialogue that is signified of a will to try and reassess, to question and contribute each other’s development.

Do I need to count on studying full-time?

Yes, it is a full-time programme but it does not require full-time attendance in the localities in Stockholm. The first term has more requirements of attendance but later in the programme this decreases somewhat. We will inform you ahead of time about the set-up of the programme and when you are required to participate in-house, so that it will be possible to live, at least part-time, somewhere other than Stockholm. Some parts of the programme will require attendance and it is important to plan for this.

Will the programme include the creation and realisation of performances?

No, the programme does not include the creation of any performance. Instead of finishing with a final show or performance, we will carry out an exposition/presentation of the results of the student’s independent projects during the final term.

Do you plan to offer this programme continuously?

Yes, we’re planning to accept new student’s every other year.