Degrees According to older regulations

If you started your studies before 1 July 2007 but did not complete them until after 30 June 2015, you have the opportunity of having your studies assessed according to the new rules for higher education qualifications.

If you started your studies before 1 July 2007 and completed them before 1 July 2015 you can apply for a higher education qualification/degree according to older rules. All courses that are to be included in your qualification must have been assessed and graded (the grading date applies) no later than 30 June 2015. 

When you have completed your studies and want to receive your diploma/degree certificate, you must apply for it yourself. A diploma/degree certificate proves that through your studies you have acquired knowledge up to a certain level. Your diploma/degree certificate states what higher education qualification/degree you have been awarded, which courses are included, grades achieved for the courses and on what date the courses were completed. You must have completed all the courses included in your higher education qualification/degree before you apply for your diploma/degree certificate. Only fully completed courses can form part of your qualification. 

The System of Qualifications states the local rules that govern qualifications at first-cycle and second-cycle levels.

You are welcome to contact us for guidance and study planning if you are unsure whether you have incomplete courses, or know that you need to supplement your studies in order to meet the requirements for a higher education qualification/degree.