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We offer courses outside of the study programmes. These courses are usually for people who work in one of our fields and want to explore an area in more detail. What courses that are offered varies. Some are held repeatedly while others are only held once. We schedule our courses on the basis of existing needs in the industry and which interesting teachers we can offer. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for an area in which you think we should hold a freestanding course.

We welcome applications to our courses several times a year. Subscribe to our newsletter for information about when you can apply!

We provide courses of various durations – from a few weeks to one or two semesters. The duration of a course depends on how many credits it is worth and whether it is a part-time or full-time course. Some courses are full time and take place at the university, others are part time and largely comprise self-study. Read the description of each course to see what applies.

The course descriptions show that you usually need to have previously studied courses within the subject field of the course. If you have not done so, you need to prove that you have other experience that corresponds to the university studies, for example professional experience within the relevant field.

It is also very important that you are proficient in Swedish and English, that is to say the languages that the course is taught in. Some of the courses are taught in English, and Swedish language skills are not required for these. If you do not have the upper secondary school qualifications to show that you have the necessary language skills but you nonetheless master the languages, you can sit a language test before applying to show your proficiency.

We usually have more applicants than places on our study programmes. Applicants accepted onto our courses are selected on the basis of the material we ask you to submit; for courses we sometimes ask you to send us samples of your work, or we call you to an interview. The form of the admission assessments depends on which course you apply for.

It is possible to apply for financial aid for these studies (studiestöd in Swedish). You can read more about this on the CSN website. Studying a course is free of charge if you are a Swedish or EU citizen or if you have a permit to reside in Sweden for a purpose other than studying. Other students are obliged to pay tuition fees. The applicable tuition fees are stated on the webpages of the respective courses.

Relevant courses

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