The required prior learning

What is important to show for the general entry requirements? Programmes in the second cycle are constructed to develop knowledge and skills developed through studies in the first cycle, shown by a Bachelor’s degree.

The skills that you should show are listed below and are based on the expected learning outcomes for a Bachelor's degree. When we read your application for recognition of prior/petition for exemptions, we will in particular assess if you show that you can:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the art field where you have been active, including knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundation in your art field, and knowledge and experience of the methods and processes in the art field as well as specialised study within the field,
  • demonstrate ability to describe, analyse, and interpret the design, techniques and content within your art field as well as to reflect critically on your artistic approach and that of others,
  • demonstrate ability to, within your art field, create, realise, and express your own artistic ideas and carry out creative tasks within given time frames,
  • demonstrate the competence and knowledge required to work autonomously in the professional environment,
  • demonstrate ability to make assessments, in your art field, on artistic, social and ethical aspects.