The Dramatic Union

The Dramatic Union (Dramatiska kåren) – represents the students at the departments of Film and Media, Performing Arts and Acting.
Photo: Per Bolkert

The Dramatic Union at SKH is dedicated to representing the voice of the students and to foster a strong sense of unity – which is achieved through helping in arranging seminars, clubs, pubs, parties and other types of events. Our purpose is to monitor and promote student interests and queries and to represent them in all issues regarding student life, including education, advancement, study environment, equality and social issues, both large and small. We are responsible for ensuring there being student representatives in the several bodies and committees that decides what everyday-operation at the school looks like.

We are a non-partisan and religiously independent non-profit union. To us it’s important that every student has a safe experience during their time at the school and that they feel they have the means to influence their situation. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can represent you as a student and you always have the option to be completely anonymous through us.

Easiest way to reach us is through e-mail: Issues can be anything from creating a club, arranging a party or queries and complaints about your study environment or teachers. We are here for you!

Student Union Board

The Student Union Board are responsible for the daily operations of the Unions activities. It is elected twice per school year, at the Annual Meeting and Extra Annual Meeting which are held in the midst of each semester. The right to run as candidate for The Board is held by any member of the Student Union. The Board has a limited number of seats where we prioritize responsibilities and roles in order so that representation of departments and classes/courses is as broad as possible.

As of today the board consists of the following people:

Chairperson: Idah Sanderson
Vice chairperson: Vitalia Hansson
Treasurer: Isi Malmgren Dos Santos
Vice treasurer: Johan Escher
Secretary: Kajsa-Sara Hogenlid
Membership Management: -
Appointer: -
Board members: Björn Sahlin
Substitute Board member: Johan Escher

The board gathers every other week to hold monthly meetings with all three prefects (of the departments that the union represents), to directly carry on and discuss opinions and queries from students of the school. We also represent the students in important organs such as the Principal Management Group and The Board of Directors. In addition we keep in touch with the other two unions at school, STUDOCH and Operahögskolans studentkår through the conversation group SASU (SKH Assembled Student Unions), which gathers once a month.


Membership in the Union

To join the Dramatic Union at SKH you have to be enrolled as a student of SKH at any of the departments of Film & Media, Performing Arts or Acting, or have been enrolled as a student at any of these in near time but at present be enrolled at any other of SKHs departments.

As member in the Union you contribute to the work of the board. We are a non-profit association and all incoming funds goes back to the good of the students. For example your class can apply for a kick-off stipend or examination stipend, where you as a class can use the money to fund a social activity. Regularly check your mail inbox for more information. In addition you as a member are always eligible for free entry to all of our events and get other benefits associated with those.

The fee for becoming a member is 99 SEK per school year. The fee is paid through mobile app Swish. Please be careful to not forget stating your personal ID number in the Swish. The number is 123 357 96 12. If you are not eligible to use Swish, perhaps because you haven’t received a Swedish personal ID number, please contact us via e-mail to get it all solved out in another way. Please observe that all of our events use Swish exclusively as method of payment.

Housing Queue at SSSB

Through membership in the Union you can also get eligibility to join the queue for housing at SSSB (Stiftelsen Stockholms studentbostäder), which is an organization offering student apartments. Further than being a Union member you have to at least study 15 points at a study pace of 50%. You submit yourself by registering at the website of SSSB ( We update our member index as often as we can but don’t hesitate to contact us if somethings seems off.

Mecenat Card

The Mecenat Card doesn’t have anything to do with the Union or Union Membership, but is something that every student in Sweden has eligibility for. Because of that we take no responsibility for applying for a Mecenat card, you register yourself at Mecenats website if you aren’t automatically registered when you start studying. You may need to submit a certificate of registration which you easily can download yourself at, use your school log-in information to log in.