Kåren SUDPAC (Student Union of Dance, Dance pedagogy and Circus) represents the students at the departments of Dance, Dance Pedagogy and Circus.
Photo: Einar Kling-Odencrants

Kåren SUDPAC is the student union for students at the departments of Dance, Dance Pedagogy and Circus. Our work is centered on ensuring education quality through student representation, and to contribute to make SKH an inspiring and fun place to study. SUDPAC's board is called STUB.

STUB's board

Chair: Lovisa Lundgren
Vice Chair: Emma Kerttula
Secretary: Nefeli Gioti
Treasurer: Penelope Touvier
PR manager: Nelia Naumanen
Extra member: Kacper Migas
SKH board and SKH Assembled Student Unions: Thomas Grahndin Jensen
SKH Assembled Student Unions: Nefeli Gioti
Buena Vista Social Activities: Laura Linna
Membership manager and SSCO: Yari Stilo
Student Health and student rights responsible: Myrto Delimichali
Erasmus and international students support: David Anstey
Student representative contact: Sara Mörk
Sustainability and Environmental Policy: Roula Samiotaki

Send an email to STUB at studentkaren.doch@uniarts.se

All jobs, events, promotions related is to be sent to PR managers in the STUDOCH board.