Student housing

For those of you who are looking for accommodation in Stockholm, there are several ways to search. SKH does not have any student housing for renting.



Many student residences in Stockholm are mediated via Stockholm's Student Housing (SSSB). SSSB has about 8,000 rooms and apartments throughout Stockholm. For the first 90 days when standing in their queue, there is no requirement for union membership. After 90 days, you must be a member of a student union that is affiliated with Stockholm Student Union's central organization, SSCO, otherwise your place in the queue will be deleted.


Stockholm City Housing Agency: More information can be found at

SKH has a collaboration with Boville, which rents student housing in Täby 

Other landlords and agencies

(Please note that all of the links go to the respective Swedish start page, as many of the web sites below miss English translation.)

Huge bostäder Studentboende: Apartments in Flemingsberg / Vissättra.

Proventum: Apartments in Haninge center.

Kista studentbostäder:

Kompisbo: Search on and click on "Available for rent"

Bostadsguiden: Provides a book with contact information for landlords in the Stockholm area. The book is ordered on the website for a fee. Mediates first-hand contracts to private landlords. You can become a member for a fee on the website.

Studentlya: Mediation of second-hand apartments. Search for available rooms / apartments by registering on the page

Blocket: Private individuals advertise vacant rooms / apartments

Bostaddirekt: Register as a member for a fee and apply for second-hand accommodation.