Before you start your studies at SKH, you must register. Registration is mandatory and a prerequisite for access to login information, school premises and other things you need as a student.

If you have a Swedish personal identity number, you register via Ladok for students.

  1. The online registration will be open two weeks before the start of the semester, 14–22 August. 
  2. You register online via Ladok for students. 
  3. On the page you choose to log in via and with the same login details you used when you registered on
  4. On Ladok's start page, you will find independent courses or courses within your program that you should register for. If you have applied to/are studying at several universities, you need to select Stockholm University of the Arts in the menu. 
  5. Done! You are now registered as a student.
  6. Look through your contact details under the tab My details (Mina uppgifter). Change anything that is not correct.
  7. On My pages (Mina sidor) you can always download various certificates during your studies and, when you have finished, apply for a degree.

If you are prevented for specific reasons from registering during the period specified here, you must notify as soon as possible.

Do you not have a Swedish personal identity number?

If you do not have a Swedish social security number, you will receive an invitation in May-June to register in August. This registration will be done via Zoom.