Here we are located

SKH's teaching premises are located in six buildings at three different addresses on Östermalm in Stockholm.



Premises and departments

SKH Brinellvägen

Address: Brinellvägen 58 (main building) and Brinellvägen 34 (circus hall) on KTH Campus in Stockholm.

At SKH Brinellvägen you will find the departments of circus, dance and dance pedagogy.

There are two buildings with a stage, a circus hall, 14 dance studios and a library.

SKH Teknikringen

Address: Teknikringen 35 on KTH Campus in Stockholm.

At SKH Teknikringen you will find the department of opera.

There is a stage, three studios and a library.

SKH Valhallavägen

Address: Valhallavägen 189 (D-house) and 193 (T-house).

At SKH Valhallavägen you will find the departments for film and media, performing arts and acting. The joint management, joint administration and research center are also located there.

There are two buildings (D- and T-house) with three stages, five theater studios, a cinema, a film studio, a TV studio, three radio studios and a library.

In addition to these larger rooms, there are several teaching and rehearsal rooms of different sizes and a student kitchenette at each address.


Our premises are modern and adapted for people with disabilities.

The library

Stockholm University of the Arts has a library with three branches that together subscribe to a number of databases with both articles, books and streamed content.

The library on Brinellvägen 58 contains literature and printed magazines about circus, dance, choreography and dance pedagogy, as well as a collection of CDs and DVDs for loan. The library houses the Zetterberg Collection, a book collection that has belonged to the choreographer Jan Zetterberg.

The library on Valhallavägen 193 contains books and magazines about film, radio, television, theater, mime, scenography, directing, the printing process, mask and costume. There is also a large collection of play and film scripts and a collection of DVDs.

In the library at Teknikringen 35 there are notes, mostly piano excerpts for operas but also song collections and books about the singing voice, music theory and music history.

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