Film and media

At Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) we train future independent and artistically conscious filmmakers, radio and tv producers, documentarians and animators. As a film and media student at SKH, you have the opportunity to develop your practical and theoretical knowledge within your area of specialisation, both individually and in collaboration with other students.

Our teaching methods are based on an artistic approach to concept development and craft learning. The teaching strives to develop both your theoretical and practical knowledge. Through team exercises, your personal expressions and collaborative abilities are strengthened. Over the course of the programme, you will complete exercises where theory, analysis and concept development are translated into artistic practice with an increasing level of difficulty. With the university’s range of varied disciplines, new methods and expressions are developed through projects that transcend boundaries. 

Here we present the specialisations for our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, independent courses and research areas within Film and media. 

Create your own story!

We live with and for the story. We add sound and lighting, we edit, direct, write and produce. Film, radio and television. We learn while also teaching each other. In a creative, critically reflective and permissive environment. And now we want to welcome you!

Bachelor’s programme in film and media

The Bachelor’s Programme is a three-year programme with different specialisations for you who are looking for a solid foundation for working in film, radio and television. You receive knowledge and tools to find new and unique ways of developing into your future profession or your artistry. The Bachelor’s programme in film and media is given in Swedish.

In the autumn of 2020 we launched our new bachelor’s programme, with five different specialisations. The new programme provides great opportunities to influence your own education, develop more skills and act as an independent artist in more than one medium.

Bachelor specialisations


You apply to the programmes with a work sample, but you do not need any previous industry experience. You can read more about eligibility and the admission process here online starting 1 December.   

Master’s programme in film and media

The master’s programme is a two-year programme with advanced specialisation courses. The programme is intended for those who work in film and media, or who have finished a bachelor’s programme in the field, and are looking to reach new heights, both professionally and artistically. The Master’s Programme in Film and Media is given in Swedish and in English.

Our new master’s programme, started in the autumn of 2020, builds on the bachelor’s programme, contains specialisation courses to meet the need for second-cycle programmes in fine, applied and performing arts, and reinforces the link between research preparation and artistry.

Team specialisations

Starting in the autumn of 2023

Individual specialisations

Planned start in the autumn of 2024


You apply with a work sample. You need a university education and/or experience for the artistic field or specialisation for which you are applying. You can read more about eligibility and the admission process here on our website. 

Independent courses

Our independent courses in film and media are intended for you who work in any of our fields and wishes to specialise further in one area. The independent courses on offer vary, some return multiple times and some are only given once. The course selection is based, among other things, on industry needs.

Our Independent Courses given in English

All our Independent Courses

Third-cycle studies

Stockholm University of the Arts has permission to issue degrees in fine, applied and performing arts for third-cycle studies in artistic practices and offers research programmes in the subject performative and mediated practices.

Our third-cycle programmes 

Storytelling is everything!

Life consists of storytelling. It always has and always will. It does not matter if it is done by Donald Trump, Greta Thunberg, Astrid Lindgren or you. Storytelling in all its forms; documentary, embellishments or pure fantasies. In sound, images or words. And for all kinds of contexts; around the table, in the cinema, or online. Never before has so many stories been available to so many. And technology will hardly prevent us from reaching more people with more stories. 

In this sea of stories, it is only natural that higher expectations are placed on the storytelling in order to get more to experience these stories. Stories built on a genuine understanding and knowledge of technique and format, observers and listeners, communication and the artistry required to spark emotions and create the engagement we seek.

It takes passion, it takes courage and a special desire to share. If you agree; apply for a course or programme in film and media at SKH! 

The freedom to create!

Thanks to our extensive resources in the form of technology, knowledge, experience and organisation, combined with a clearly defined pedagogy that provides both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, we can offer an environment that allows you to create freely based on your own ideas and interests, as well as those of your fellow students. As a film and media student at SKH, you become part of something bigger that constantly seeks to develop knowledge, the art form and the industry. A creative cross-pollination which provides the freedom to create.

Studying film and media at SKH

We operate using three guiding principles – cooperation, self-confidence and reflection.

We work together to harness the shared power that arises when strong and independent individuals meet. And to achieve true change.

We give each other the space and freedom to build up self-confidence that allows people to find their own form of meaning. To dare to think outside the box and create something new.

We take the time to reflect on ourselves, our creations and the world around us in order for us to develop together and move forward. To be able to portray and not just observe.

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We who work here

Here you can find contact information for all of us who work with film and media st SKH. 

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