Equal terms

Stockholm University of the Arts’ (SKH) vision is to be a non-discriminatory workplace and place of study, where people meet on equal terms in an environment that promotes diversity as a prerequisite for future development and greater quality within the university. SKH will also be a university that appreciates a diversity of participants and perspectives. By working actively and consciously to achieve equality, we are creating the conditions for the future development of knowledge and society.

SKH's activities will be characterised by openness towards students, employees and applicants, irrespective of any of the grounds for discrimination

  • gender,
  • transgender identity or expression1,
  • ethnicity
  • religion or other belief,
  • disability 2,
  • sexual orientation
  • age.

Equal terms should shape the university as a workplace, and as an educational and research environment. SKH will work actively, inclusively and preventively to protect students' and employees' various experiences, conditions and living conditions, as this promotes the further development of the university and the development of society at large.

SKH will be an attractive place to study and work, with a culture based on respect, equal treatment, opportunities for involvement and participation with a well defined organisation with clear decision-making processes, strong student and staff influence and good leadership. The university will therefore work continually to improve knowledge regarding equality issues, norm-criticism and equal treatment at the university for employees, students and applicants.


1 SKH prefers the terms gender identity or gender expression, rather than the normative term “transgender”. These terms are used except in cases where reference is being made to the Discrimination Act.

2 SKH prefers the terms functional variation, norm-breaking functionality or norm-breaking functional variation rather than disability. These terms describe a person’s physical, mental or cognitive function and are used instead of "disability", except in cases where reference is being made to the Discrimination Act.

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SKH is LGBTQI-certified