When you have completed your studies and want to receive your degree certificate, you must apply for it yourself. A diploma/degree certificate proves that through your studies you have acquired knowledge up to a certain level.
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Your diploma/degree certificate states what degree you have been awarded, which courses are included, grades achieved for the courses and on what date the courses were completed. You must have completed all the courses included in your higher education qualification/degree before you apply for your diploma/degree certificate. Only fully completed courses can form part of your qualification.

The diploma/degree certificate is an original document that is issued once. It is written in both Swedish and English. It is accompanied by an appendix that describes the study programme and its place in the education system; this appendix is called a diploma supplement.

The processing time is usually eight weeks after a complete application has been received, unless there are special reasons for a deviation from this. Your graduation date is the date on which your diploma/degree certificate is issued.

SKH's local System of Qualifications for qualifications/degrees at first-cycle second-cycle and third-cycle levels can be downloaded from this page. This procedure states the local rules that govern higher education qualifications.

How to apply

Do you have a user account at SKH?

If you are a student and have a user account, you apply for a degree at

Please make sure that the data (personal aswell as of your studies) registered in Ladok is correct.

Application forms

If do not have a user account anymore you can download the application forms from this page.

Please make sure that the data (personal aswell as of your studies) registered in Ladok is correct.


If you have any questions about the awarding of higher education qualifications/degrees, please contact the qualification/degree administrator Karin Adeström:, phone: +46 (0)8 494 00 236