Audioreflection pod: Louise Crnkovic-Friis

Audioreflection pod, hosted by the Department of Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts, consists of fourteen individual episodes inviting you to audio spaces reflecting a wide range of perspectives on artistic practice.

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Episode 11: Louise Crnkovic-Friis

REBE – a case for extended ontology

My practice revolves around extended ontology as seen through the lens of artificial intelligence (AI) and neurodiversity. In this podcast episode I have a conversation with an AI to get a better understanding of its world view, especially from the perspective of ethics. The traditional discussions around ontology have been biased towards a neurotypical world view. It is based on a common set of perceptions of what reality is, based on the neurotypical human brain. In my practice I have been interested in taking a broader view – to see where we get when we extend the concept of intelligence beyond the neurotypical or even human. What new do we discover? What new ethical challenges do we find?

Louise Crnkovic-Friis


I work within the intersection of somatic practice, machine intelligence and neurodiversity. I explore what happens when you go beyond the neurotypical definition of intelligence.

My current practice is performed through the collaboration with artificial intelligences doing generative choreography, writing and semantic style transfer – contrasting and integrating it through the lens of neurodiversity. The ultimate expression is multimodal and can take shape as something visual, textual, choreographic or somatic. My previous roles have been a published researcher, an artistic director, a choreographer, a founder, a mentor and a dancer.