Audioreflection pod: Katarina Eriksson

Audioreflection pod, hosted by the Department of Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts, consists of fourteen individual episodes inviting you to audio spaces reflecting a wide range of perspectives on artistic practice.

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Episode 7: Katarina Eriksson

In the forest

In this episode we meet Katarina Eriksson in her kitchen in Gröndal and in the body of Per Sacklén on a walk in the forest.

These spaces encourage thoughts to unfold around creative process, artistic practice, dance, life, responsibility and nature. And a squirrel also comes by.

Katarina Eriksson

Katarina Eriksson is a Stockholm based dance-person engaged in; different ways of learning, how to work with creativity and curiosity, how to share time and space, how to engage in a sustainable way of living and how to let failure be a part of creative work. She also continuously asks questions.

At the moment she is specifically looking at time and distance, responsibility and sustainability, rhythm and dynamics. To look and listen and look and listen again.

As a performer she works in close collaborations. The work has changed over time, going from being a dancer in a classical repertoire company performing a lot of choreography that she was not involved in creating, to being a free-lance dancer who is part of the creative process.

The ongoing project, Rörelsetruppen, is a group of artists and writers that meet to move and talk about certain themes such as; falling, boarders, weight. There is an interest in movement and the sharing of experiences.

In 1997 Per Sacklén, Håkan Mayer and Katarina started Räserbyrån, a dance-collective, to create an alternative way of working with dance, a way that was democratic and non-hierarchic. They collaborated with musicians from the field of experimental music at Fylkingen and curated improvisation sessions inviting dancers from various scenes to participate.  Räserbyrån works with certain themes such as; collaboration, participation, site-specific, being gentle to nature and each other, learning, being curious and exploring the tactile senses.

A shoreline with dry grass and trees reflecting in the water