Audioreflection pod: Csilla Hodi

Audioreflection pod, hosted by the Department of Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts, consists of fourteen individual episodes inviting you to audio spaces reflecting a wide range of perspectives on artistic practice.

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Episode 3: Csilla Hodi

sustaining conversations

The novel forms of distanced and control brought by the year 2020 intertwined with our master studies orbiting around the idea of artistic practice stimulated our care for a place of ceaselessness.

What has been already there?
What has been touched upon by the scheduled reflections and generous sharings caused by the studies?
What does it feed on?
How has it been feeding us?

The questions of my self-interview are not edited into the audible version of it, but previous and alive practices are observed, through which a cherishing definition of (artistic) practice gets outlined.

Csilla Hódi

Csilla Hódi is working through the potential of artistic worldmaking at the borders and outside of social institutions of art. Instead of foregrounding the singular artist, she is inhabiting 'other grounds', using lack of clarity, overidentification or collectivity as strategies.

She is interested in the interplay of knowledge bodies emerging from different orientations. At the moment she is looking at possible ways of thinking with mushrooms. She has her roots in Eastern-European post-studio art, in embodied public space research, in life as art traditions and in emancipatory practices. Educated as a visual designer @ MOME, Budapest and a choreographer at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH).