Audioreflection pod: Adriana Cubides

Audioreflection pod, hosted by the Department of Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts, consists of fourteen individual episodes inviting you to audio spaces reflecting a wide range of perspectives on artistic practice.

Listen to "Adriana Cubides “ What we are seeing is not necessarily what the thing is... ”" on Spreaker.

Episode 1: Adriana Cubides

What we are seeing is not necessarily what the thing is… 

Jeanine Durning speaking about my practice in November 2020

How to bring the nature of my practice and work closer in conveying content through a language based articulation and the form in which that articulation is arranged?

I realized that without necessarily holding this question as a starting point, what I did is an intent to speak from my practice while also speaking about it, making more tangible what I am busy with both through form and language, making the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ equally carriers of content. 

What you will hear is a selection of bits and pieces taken from conversations with Jeanine Durning (my supervisor since August 2020), from some brief recordings of my work in public space and some reflections around what constitutes my practice. I address my practice in general while also refer to what I have been busy with during the period of this Master program that leaded to my final presentation see-through, a performative film-event. 

Adriana Cubides - some lines about me

person holding a hand over the face

Being born in Vienna Austria to Colombian parents and growing up in between different cultures and ways of thinking has shaped my artistic approach and practice. While educated in the field of dance and performance, I carry an interdisciplinary thinking with a constant desire to expand the borders of what something can be - be that a field, a role, a category or a concept. I pursue a fluid way of perceiving and relating to my environment replacing the notion of fixed identities by mobile relationalities. Displacing, de-constructing and layering meanings, questioning and enlarging what is assumed as performative or performative spaces, blurring process and product, I currently ask myself: What is the process entailed in seeing and perceiving differently that allows for new spaces to open up in the way of relating to our surrounding and how is that new understanding able to be reflected in how performance is thought?