Audioreflection pod

SKH Dance Podcast present its second edition - "Audioreflection pod" - with fourteen individual episodes by artists from the MA programme New Performative Practices (NPP).

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As part of the education, artists from the MA programme New Performative Practices (NPP) launched a joint podcast: fourteen individual episodes inviting the listener to audio spaces reflecting a wide range of perspectives on artistic practice.

The podcast series Audioreflection pod revolves around questions, curiosities, explorations, dilemmas and desires arising from within each artistic practice - practices that have been dwelling and moving side by side for the last two years.

Audioreflection pod may invite the listener to the art practice itself, to an encounter with some aspect of the artist’s world(s) and/or to a conversation about the practice. 

Challenges due to the pandemic

During 2020 and 2021, the artists in the NPP Master's programme were confined to digital spaces, communicating from several continents, and living through the global pandemic as they pursued their studies. Their choreographic and performative practices were challenged by time zones, proximity restrictions, international borders, caregiving responsibilities and an overwhelm of digital data.

As education switched to being mostly online, the students began to experiment with the relationship between digital media and live presence. What would have been studio visits became ‘radio visits,’ and the question of how to share experience without proximity, or how to create proximity in separate spaces, became central challenges.

Audioreflection pod answers these challenges by proposing an audio space where listening is an artistic act to be shared, like touch, but across borders, wherever and whenever the listener can join. 


  1. Adriana Cubides:…what we are seeing is not necessarily what the thing is… 
  2. Annika Boholm:  a bit all over the place... 
  3. Csilla Hodi: sustaining conversations
  4. Eva Mohn: Nine Sleeps 
  5. Irene Cantero Sanz: A conversation for NPP Audioreflection pod 
  6. Iris Nikolaou: Does a body of a sound carry also the body of its source? 
  7. Katarina Eriksson: In the forest 
  8. Nadi Gogoulou: The sound of the artistic practices that I do
  9. Kristin Nango
  10. Leah Landau: Puppy as practice
  11. Louise Crnkovic-Friis:  REBE – a case for extended ontology
  12. Salka Ardal Rosengren
  13. Sofie Burgoyne: WITH
  14. Sunniva Vikør Egenes: ENTRANCES | EXITS, a pieces series

The episodes are produced by the artists, with support from Robin Jonsson.

Intro: Iris Nikolaou (composition made by the voices/ sounds of the 14 NPP students) 
Image: Csilla Hódi
Mixing: Robin Jonsson

MA Programme NPP

The Master’s Programme New Performative Practices (NPP) creates a site for active, nuanced questioning and expanded artistic knowledge wherein the students define what constitutes their artistic practice. The programme consists of two years of advanced studies. It is research preparatory, qualifying the student for a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography, with a specialization in Performative Practices. By constructively questioning established methods and focusing on the sustainability of artistic practices, the NPP education offers a space for art that challenges the commonplace.

About the MA Programme NPP

SKH Dance Podcast

Audioreflection Pod is the second edition of the SKH Dance Podcast series.  

SKH Dance Podcast cherishes the oral tradition in dance and choreography. Despite the vivid discourse around dance, there is relatively little published writing dealing with dance and choreography. In fact, the transfer of knowledge, debating and sharing in the dance field often happens orally: through conversations, verbal instructions, workshops, in studios, after-talks and theatre foyers.

By welcoming listeners into this audio space, the SKH Dance Podcast series aims to further resonant discussions within the field. 

About the SKH Dance Podcast

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