Alongside rifts and other shapes

An audio-zine by NPP2023

The podcast ALONGSIDE RIFTS AND OTHER SHAPES is an audio space and publication made by artists studying in The Master Program New Performative Practices 2021-2023. This audio-zine consists of fourteen individual episodes reflecting a wide range of perspectives on, and from, artistic practice.


The audio-zine invites the audience to listen to and familiarize themself with these artists’ materialities, drawn from a variety of questions, perspectives, ideas and strategies on art and artistic practice. As part of the education, the students within the program were given the task to make a self-interview on their own artistic practice. They started the process by sharing their ongoing questions with each other for inspiration and to enhance a sense of dialogue between the episodes.

Listen to all publications within Alongside Rifts and Other Shapes here

The series encapsulates a wide range of questions, such as: 

What are the roles of aesthetics in experimental social practices?

What does a conversation perform in the world?

What are the hierarchies between somatic, aesthetic, and theoretic work?

Is meeting audience a collaborative moment for you?

When do you let go and when do you insist?

What can weirdness open up?

How do you find connection and belonging?

What is your relationship to the center?

How does money orient the hierarchies of attention in your work process?

What makes you continue?

What makes your practice a performative practice?

Which aspects of your practice are easy, which ones are difficult to share with others and how?

How does artistic practice relate to craft and technique?

ALONGSIDE RIFTS AND OTHER SHAPES revolves around questions, curiosities, explorations, dilemmas, and desires arising from within each artistic practice – practices that have been dwelling and moving side by side over the last two years. The audio-zine may invite the listener to the art practice itself, to an encounter with some aspect of the artist’s world(s), and/or to a conversation about the practice.

Individual episodes by the artists

  • Felicia Bichard
  • Sarah Bellugi Klima
  • Laressa Dickey
  • Darya Efrat
  • Tove Skeidsvoll
  • Valentina Parravicini
  • Alexis Steeves
  • Eva-Maria Schaller
  • Irina Anufryieva
  • Yari Stilo
  • Maria Ferreira Silva
  • Sara Kaaman
  • Robert Malmborg
  • Maja Hannisdal

Image by Maria Ferreira Silva.
Jingle by Sara Kaaman, Darya Efrat and Laressa Dickey
Mixing by Robin Jonsson