Stockholm University of the Arts strives to be a current, qualitative and dynamic place of education and research within contemporary dance and choreography. With its strong ties to the professional sphere, the dance education and research at SKH actively promote the development of its artistic field both in Sweden and internationally.

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Dance and choreography are expansive fields in an international context. World developments, changes in terms of funding and allocation, and not least the healthy development of and experimentation within this field mean that the circumstances for a professional dancer are constantly changing. In order to face these challenges, the dance education aims to help students improve their situational analysis skills, independence and artistic awareness.

SKH aims to create understanding and provide insight into different practices, methods and approaches, but also strives to offer an experimental environment in the intersection between education and research that can be at the forefront of developing dance and choreography of the future.

As our dance student, you will come face to face with several different artistic practices to develop your knowledge and capacity for critical reflection. Through workshops, individual supervision, public recitals, study visits, lectures, etc., you will gain insight into the field as well as tools to improve your own practice.

Five dancers performingGraduating students from the BA in Dance Performance 2019 in a collaboration with Thomas Hauert. (Photo: Nicklas Dennermalm)

Dance education at SKH

  • trains artists who will relate to different target groups and audiences, and who are thereby part of the social development.
  • is international and has a large number of international teachers, visiting teachers and students, and teaching is mainly done in English.
  • has strong ties to the professional sphere and society in general in both Sweden and internationally.
  • is actively involved in different collaborations focusing on the creation of knowledge and discourse, such as seminars, publications, workshops and conferences.
  • also has a series of SKH Dance Open Lectures which is open to the public.

SKH offers three dance programmes

  • the Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Performance,
  • the Master’s Programme in New Performative Practices and
  • the Master’s Programme in Choreography.

There are also a number of related independent courses, such as How dance thinks; Crip: choreography; Methods and forms of writing in relation to artistic practices; Post-colonial strategies in performing art and activism; Choreographing Contexts – curating dance and performance; and From Beyoncé to Bach: music and sound in relation to choreography.

The Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Performance

The Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Performance comprises three years of full-time, first-cycle studies resulting in a Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. Throughout the programme, you will work continuously with different practices, aesthetics and expressions. The aim is to gain knowledge of various approaches to movement, working methods, staging and production.

In the meeting with teachers from the professional performing arts world, both in Sweden and internationally, you have an opportunity to build a broad network and develop knowledge and methods in order to work within different branches of contemporary dance and choreography.

The Master’s Programme in New Performative Practices

The Master’s Programme in New Performative Practices comprises a total of two years of full-time, second-cycle studies. The programme is practice-based, research preparatory (qualifying the student for third-cycle studies) and leads to a Degree of Master of Fine Arts in Choreography with a specialisation in Performative Practices. 

With an emphasis on experimentation, constructive questioning and art’s presence within societal contexts, the artist's development and articulation of an active, sustainable artistic practice is the central focus of the studies.

The Master’s Programme in Choreography

The Master’s Programme in Choreography comprises two years of full-time, second-cycle studies. The programme, which is practice-based and qualifies the student for third-cycle studies, leads to a Degree of Master of Fine Arts in Choreography.

The Master’s Programme in Choreography provides an environment for learning, research and creative processes as well as for the development of choreographic practices. Focus is placed on the links between choreography and social, ethical and political matters.

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko and Ima Iduozee, Within Practice Symposium 2018. (Photo: Nemo Stocklassa Hinders)


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