If you are not a Swedish citizen

Different rules apply for residence permits in Sweden depending on where in the world you come from. To gain access to Swedish healthcare and to obtain a Swedish bank account, you also need a Swedish Civic Registration Number.

Rules for residence permit

If you are planning to study in Sweden at a university or a university college for a period longer than three months, you require a residence permit (not for Nordic citizens).

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Nordic citizens

Nordic citizens may spend time in and live in Sweden without needing to register or hold a residence permit.

Citizens from an EU-Country

Special rules apply to EU-citizens.

Read more on the Migration Board’s website

Civic Registration Number

Students who have a residence permit of a duration of more than 12 months are entitled to a 10 digit Swedish Civic Registration number issued by the Swedish National Tax Board (Skatteverket). You can read more on their website on the page Moving to Sweden. This will entitle you to medical care at the standard patient fee (same as for Swedish citizens). You also need a Swedish Civic Registration number in order to open a Swedish bank account.

The first time you apply for a Swedish Civic Registration number, you need to visit the Tax Office personally. Please check the website to see which documents you need to bring! It will take 6-8 weeks to be issued with your Civic Registration number. Tax offices are located at: Klara Vattugränd 1 (for students living in or near the city centre). More information at Skatteverket’s website www.skatteverket.se.

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