Master's Programmes

We have one-year and two-year Master’s programmes with many different specialisations.
Master_magisterprogram-Martin-Brunn_1500x800.jpgPhoto: Mattias Brunn

Application periods

Some of our one-year and two-year Master’s programmes are carried out on a half-time basis and therefore span a longer period. The Master’s programmes are designed for students who have already completed a study programme and they are usually based on students having had professional experience in the field after graduation.

The application period routinely lasts about two months. Our Master’s programmes usually start in the autumn semester, and the final date for applications is usually in January of the same year. You will usually need to send in various documents and materials, so you should expect to make some preparations for your application. Subscribe to our newsletter for information about when you can apply!

Entry requirements

In order to apply (be eligible) you need to have already completed a study programme such as a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent programme. If you do not have these qualifications you can still apply, but need to show that you have knowledge that corresponds to a Bachelor’s degree. It is very important that you are proficient in Swedish and English, that’s to say the languages that the programmes are taught in. Some of the programmes are taught in English, and Swedish language skills are not required for these. If you do not have the upper secondary school qualifications to show that you have the necessary language skills but you nonetheless master the languages, you can sit a language test before applying to show your proficiency.


We usually have more applicants than places on our study programmes. Applicants accepted onto our programmes are selected on the basis of samples of their work that are sent to us as well as assessments on site at the university. For example, you will be set tasks to solve or will be interviewed. The form of the assessments depends on which programme you apply for.

Student finance and tuition fees

Some of our Master’s programmes are held full time in Stockholm for one or two years, depending on the type of programme. Others are part time or contain a large element of self-study and are taught at a distance. Read the presentation of relevant programme to see what applies. You have time off from your studies during the summer. It is possible to apply for financial aid for these studies (studiestöd in Swedish). You can read more about this on CSN's website. Studying a one-year or two-year Master’s programme is free of charge if you are a Swedish or EU citizen or if you have a permit to reside in Sweden for a purpose other than studying. Although tuition fees are payable by other students, we have some scholarships that cover the fee for the student that is awarded the grant. The applicable tuition fees are stated on the webpages of the respective study programmes.