Applicant who does not meet the formal entry requirements - Bachelor level

Here you can read about how SKH assesses prior learning and exemptions when you apply to a Bachelor´s Programme, or to a freestanding course at the same level.

You can apply for recognition of prior learning/exemption if you do not have the formal qualifications and grades needed for the general entry requirements and/or any specific entry requirements. This is based on the Higher Education Ordinance ch. 7 section 3, paragraph 5.

Prior learning

There are two ways of showing that you meet the qualification through prior learning.

Work experience and grades in certain courses

First of all we assess if you meet the qualifications through prior learning according to the recommendations of The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions. We look at your documents to see if you have the right amount of work experience and grades from specific subjects from Swedish Upper Secondary School. If you can show that you have the grades listed below, and professional experience, SKH can formally recognise that you have prior learning equivalent to the general entry requirement for studies at bachelor's level:

Lowest score of Pass, or E, in the following courses from the Swedish Upper Secondary School:

  • Swedish/Swedish as a second language 1, 2 and 3
  • English 5 and 6
  • Mathematics 1a, 1b or 1c
  • Civic studies or civic studies 1b, 1a1 or 1a2

You should also have three years of work experience after the age of 19. It should be at least half time work.

For programmes where Swedish is not the language of instruction, knowledge in Swedish is not compulsory.

Individual assessment


If you do not meet the criteria above, after the last day of application, SKH will make an individual assessment of the application and the documents you uploaded in your application. The assessment will be made according to the SKH's specific criteria for recognition of prior learning. 


If you have applied to a programme and we can not assess from your application if you are qualified through prior learning, you will be invited to take a prior learning-test at Uniarts. This test is part of the individual assessment. If you need to do the test, you will receive more information on how the test will be done. SKH will assess your prior learning from how you demonstrate that you can use your skills in comparison to the entry requirement. We make the assessment by using SKH's specific criteria for recognition of prior learning. We will make an overall assessment of your letter, the merits you show in your CV and how you have solved the tasks given to you.


If SKH can not grant you recognition of prior learning we will assess whether or not we can grant exemptions from the entry requirements. Uniarts can only grant exemptions from the entry requirements if we estimate that you will be able to manage the studies. When we assess whether or not you should get the exemption, we look at the same documents as for the decision on recognition of prior learning.

Which documents to upload 

When you apply for recognition of prior learning/exemption, you should upload:

  • A letter in which you apply for recognition of prior learning and where you justify why you think that you will manage the studies even though you do not have the formal qualifications and/or grades needed for the programme or course.

  • A CV which has to be detailed and supported by attachments. You can support your CV with certificates from employers, or others who you have worked with, programmes, reviews, or similar. The CV should contain your professional experience within the art field, but also other professional experience that can provide the skills contained in the entry requirments. Trainings and/or courses are also important.
  • Grades from the Swedish Upper Secondary School (if you have any).

Please note thay in some cases you will be invited to participate in the process before you have recieved notification about whether or not we have found that you have the necessary prior learning. That does not mean that we grant you recognition of prior learning.

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