Are you eligible?

You need to show that you are eligible (meet the entry requirements) for the course or programme that you apply for. This means that you must have a certain level of knowledge in order to successfully complete the educational programme. What documentation you need to show to prove that you meet the entry requirements differ if you have your previous education from Sweden, the Nordic countries, or the rest of the world.
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Entry requirements

Entry requriements are divided into general and specific entry requirements. They differ if you apply to first or second cycle courses/programmes. Bachelor's programmes are in the first cycle and Master's programmes are in the scond cycle. We have courses and programmes open for application at both first and second cycle level. Under the headline Entry requirements on the course's/programme's web page, you fins more information about the requirements for the course/programme that you are interested in. 

General entry requirements

For studies on a bachelor programme or a course on first cycle-level,  you need to have a complete Upper Secondary Education.

For studies on courses on second cycle-level, you need to have previous studies on first cycle-level.

For studies on a programme on second cycle-level, you need to have a Bachelor's Degree or another degree on first cycle-level.

For more information about how you can meet the entry requirements, visit and choose "Entry requirements"

Specific entry requirements

The specific entry requirements varies depending on which course/programme it is. If the programme has qualification test as a specific entry requirement, then there will be some kind of test or you need to submit some kind of documentation or soundfile or film. That's why it's important that you check what the specific entry requirements are for the course/programme that you are applying to, on the course's/programme's web page here at

Recognition of prior learning and exemption 

If you do not meet the formal entry requirements, you can apply for recognition of prior learning or exemption. Here you can find more information about the procedure.

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