Tuition fee scholarships

SKH has some possibilities of offering scholarships that cover the tuition fee. If you are obliged to pay a tuition fee and are admitted to a master's programme, you have a chance to receive the scholarship. You do not have to send in a special application to be part of the scholarship selection process but please notify us if you have other means of covering the tuition fee so that an other student may receive the scolarship instead. Please note that you need to pay an application fee of 900 SEK (Swedish kronor), which must be received by the application deadline in order for your application to be processed. The application fee is non-refundable.

The scholarship only covers the tuition fee, and SKH does not have any scholarships that cover living costs during studies.

The decision on who will receive the scholarships is taken after the decisions on admittance have been made.

Criteria for Tuition Fee Scholarships

Tuition Fee Scholarships at SKH can be awarded to students at the university's master's programmes.

The assessment of to which student/students the scholarship(s) are to be awarded will be based on how these students can contribute to the educational environment through their experiences. These experiences can be of a personal or artistic nature or stem from previous academic or artistic studies.