FAQ, frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I apply in more than one specialisation?
Yes, it is possible to apply in more than one specialisation. In that case you need to do separate applications.

How is the project description supposed to be structured?
In the project description you need to describe the research questions that are explored in the artistic research project, the procedures and methods used, and you also need to discuss in which way the project contributes to existing knowledge and experience within the art field. For more information on what the application should contain, please read the section called "The application".

Do I have to contact the supervisors in advance?
No, that is not necessary. We will discuss possible supervisors with the doctoral candidates that are admitted.

What should be included in the budget?
In the budget you should include all costs that are necessary to complete the project, except your own salary. This could mean for instance fees for other artists participating in the project, costs for material, technical support etc.

How do I apply for accreditation of prior learning?
If you want to apply for accreditation of prior learning, you need to write a separate application for accreditation as described under the headline "general entry requirements", point 3. In this separate application you need to answer the following questions: what particular knowledge and expertise do you have to enable you to complete the program? How did you acquire this knowledge and expertise? You can read more here: General entry requirements for third-cycle courses and study programmes.

Do I have to move to Stockholm if I am admitted as a PhD candidate?
Yes, as the main part of the education is conducted at Uniarts, and as you will also participate in other activities at the university, your workplace will be at Uniarts' campus in Stockholm.

Can I receive any help when moving to Sweden?
All employees are themselves responsible for finding a place to live, register with the Swedish authorities etc when moving to Stockholm.

Is the position as a PhD candidate financed?
Yes, the PhD candidates will be employed at Uniarts during the four years of the education, according to the regulations in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance.

What is the level of the salary for PhD candidates?
The PhD candidates' salaries are regulated by a specific agreement (SKH:s "doktorandstege"). The salary when starting the position is 24 900 SEK.

Which resources do I have as a PhD candidate?
Provided that funding is available, the PhD candidates have access to a specific sum of expenses, and have the possibility to apply for project funding from Uniarts. As a PhD candidate you can use the spaces at Uniarts, depending on availability, and you have access to different support functions.

How do I know if my application continues to the next step of the process?
We will keep all applicants informed via the application system.

When will the interviews take place?
Interviews with the applicants that continue after the second selection will happen in between the 12th of September and 1st of October 2016.

When will the decision be made?
The final decision will be made in October or November 2016.

How can I get further information if I have other questions?
If you have other questions please contact us on: phdpositions@uniarts.se.