Research Week 2018

Warm welcome to the Research week at Stockholm University of the Arts 16–19 January. We will open the doors for you who are interested in artistic research. During the week, artistic research and development projects are presented by doctoral students and senior researchers at Uniarts.


Uniarts’ research area is Artistic practices and the four subject specialization’s included in the area are Film and Media, Choreography, Opera and Performing arts. We have about fifty artistic research and development programmes and during Research week about twenty of these will be presented in the form of lectures, seminars, conversations with invited guests, screenings, panel discussions and workshops.

See the entire program for the Research week 2018

Some of our researchers who present their projects during the research week are:

Erik Gandini, Professor of Documentary Film – ”The future through the present. Grasping current circumstances to anticipate an unpredictable future”

Marie Fahlin, Doctoral Candidate in Choreography – ”it choreographs – Articulation through Obstruction”

Lena Stefenson, Assistant Professor in mime-acting – ”Movement and Storytelling”

Wilhelm Carlsson, Professor of Musical drama  – ”When do we sing in theatre and how do we speak in opera?”

During the research week, the visitor can also take part in Marius Dybwad Brandrud (Doctoral Candidate in Film and Media) and Anne Juréns (Doctoral Candidate in Choreography) seminars.

Place and date:

  • 16 January, at 9.45-14.30: DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, Brinellvägen 58
  • 17 January: at 9.30-15.00: University College of Opera, Teknikringen 35 and 19.00 at Uniarts, Linnégatan 87
  • 18 January: at 9.00-17.00:  Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Valhallavägen 189
  • 19 January: at 9.00-17.30: Uniarts, Linnégatan 87

N.B. Pre-notification is needed for:

Piet Devos, Writer and literary theorist – ”BEAUTY IS A VERB: Dis/ability and Multisensory”
Wednesday 17 January at 19.00, Linnégatan 87

Marie Fahlin, Doctoral Candidate in Choreography – ”It choreographs – Articulation through Obstruction”
Friday 19 January at 09.30 och 10.30