Research Week

Stockholm University of the Arts organizes a Research Week every year where researchers and doctoral candidates can present research projects or development work.

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The purpose of the Research Week is to promote exchanges of experience and open up for research collaboration. We also like to share, highlight and discuss different perspectives within artistic research at Uniarts.

During the Research Week we present research in many forms and
across all stages of development. It may be at its very beginnings or in its final iteration, a fragment or single element of a larger project, a participatory event, a demonstration of practice, or an experiment with presentation formats and/or exposition modes.

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Upcoming Research Week

Research Week 2019 will take place between 22 and 25 January.

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Previous Research Weeks

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Photo: Bengt Söderström. Eli Bø ”Case study 1 – Moving image storytelling and a space as a narrative tool", Lena Stefenson ”Movement and Storytelling”, Research Week 2018.