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Artistic research education is a central part of Uniarts’s research environment. Uniarts is authorised to award artistic third-cycle degrees in artistic practices, and provides research education in the subject Performative and Mediated Practices.
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Artistic research programmes are a central part of Uniarts’s research environment. Developing artistic research education and providing artistic research programmes at a high level internationally are a part of Uniarts’s research strategy.

By creating an active, critical and dynamic environment for research, we enable doctoral students to develop their work in a way that contributes to artistic research as a transdisciplinary field, to greater improvement in knowledge and expertise within different artistic fields, and to strengthening the link between research and the first-cycle programme.

Doctoral candidates

Stockholm University of the Arts has currently accepted 24 doctoral candidates to the artistic research education in Performative and Mediated practices, 2 of them in collaboration with other institutions.

Our doctoral candidates 

Authorisation to award artistic third-cycle degrees

On 1 June 2016 Stockholm University of the Arts was delighted to hear from the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) that we had been authorised to award artistic third-cycle degrees in artistic practices. The programmes are organised within the research education subject Performative and Mediated Practices, with four specialisations: Film and Media, Choreography, Opera and Performing Arts.

The artistic research field

The artistic research field is in a state of dynamic development both nationally and internationally. Sweden holds a leading position in this development owing to the research that has been conducted at several higher education institutes and the high quality of the artistic performance research projects that have been undertaken.

The build-up of research programmes in the faculties of Gothenburg and Lund universities has created a stable foundation for both the artistic research community and for the expansion in the number of doctoral students in the National Research School in the Arts. The introduction of the artistic doctorate in 2010 emphasises art’s specific position further.

Artistic research in Sweden may be said to fall under a Scandinavian specialisation in the field of research that to a great extent stresses artistic representation as a primary focus in projects and research programmes. Uniarts’s approach is to work towards developing these fields further and contributing to their establishment internationally.

General syllabus for third cycle studies

General syllabus

Application for authorisation to award third-cycle degrees



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