Site, Event, Encounter

This profile area explores the interplay between art and society and the conditions under which artists work.

The focus is on the changing relationships and processes that develop between different performers and participants in artistic practices and events. Research in scenographic and design-related methodologies is included, as are investigations of events and meetings in physical and media spaces. Spatiality, the public sphere, audience encounters and questions of organisation are key notions, as well as critical dialogue, cultural context and forms for interactivity. The contemporary development and expansion of art forms, and the different influences on artistic production, are linked to issues raised within the artistic field that sustain an awareness of construction of meaning, spatial communication and artistic production in a changing social environment.


The profile area comprises critical questions concerning the influence of art on society and vice versa. This enables the roles of art, the artist and the public to be studied in a cultural context and from a social perspective by means of a gender-conscious, political and norm-critical approach.


This profile area investigates relationships between participants in artistic practices and events and how these relationships are in a constant state of flux. This enables research to be undertaken into who or what creates art and what types of processes change the relationships between the public, the artist and the artistic work/event.


The research may study how art seeks new physical, media or virtual spaces and how it may be affected by – and interact with – different spatial conditions.


The profile area explores the organisational conditions and critical dialogue that enable the artistic event to be actualised, including all the different parameters, relationships and processes that are required for the development and transmission of the artistic practice.