Site, Event, Encounter

This profile area explores the interplay between art and society, considering the 'in flux' nature of participation in contemporary art practices and the many contexts and conditions in which 21st Century artists work.

In this profile area, focus is on the shifting constellations of relationships, practices and processes that develop between the various devisors, performers and participants in an artistic practice, process or event. Research in this profile area includes critical explorations of art created in/with/for the public realm, encounters with audience, methods and modes of interactivity in physical/virtual spaces and the transforming roles and responsibilities of the artist at work in society today. Questions of public/private space, power relations, norm criticality, and the consideration of ethics in relation to aesthetics are key notions, alongside a commitment to framing critical dialogue about art within the broader cultural context.

Context and Conditions

The profile area frames critical questions around the influence of art on society and vice versa, including research examining gender, race and class consciousness, notions of inclusivity and privilege, and artistic practices that explore activism, sustainability and solidarity. What are the various roles and responsibilities art, artists and publics play in the current cultural, social and political context?

Relationships and Processes

This profile area investigates the protean nature of the relationships between all of the participants in any given artistic practice. The definition of 'participants' in this profile area includes people and things. Research into ‘who’ or ‘what’ creates art is integral, including examinations of the particular ways in which an artistic process transforms the relationships between the public, the artist, the artistic work/event and the place it happens in.

Spatiality and Temporality

The profile area includes research into ways in which art practices might create, seek out and/or identify new physical, media or virtual spaces and how the practice affects - and interacts with – the various spatial and temporal conditions it may encounter.


The profile area explores the notion of 'situating' an artistic research project. What are the organisational conditions necessary in order to actualize a specific artistic practice, project or event? This includes the various parameters, relationships, critical discourses and research processes that are required for the development, generation and transmission of a 'situated' artistic practice or project.